Comodo client viewer app name

When we work with 2-5 PCs with Comodo Viewer - all apps in system tray looks same. All have one same name - Comodo Viewer. Do please not “Comodo Viewer”, but “CCV: DEVICE_NAME”.

Now it absolutely useless info.

Best - make one Comodo viewer application and tabs in it with different remote sessions. As temp decision - make apps names with device name please.

Hello @Sergey ,

Thank you for the feedback, I have forwarded your suggestions to the appropriate staff for further analysis and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.

Hello @Sergey ,

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of the feature that you have requested (CCV to display endpoint name when minimized) is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due by the end of Q1 2017.