Comodo Cloud Antivirus managed

As msp we like to offer a cloud antivirus managed solution. Currently we do it using webroot global site manager. This solution allows us to configure and manage the antivirus remotly preventing the end user from being able to change the settings.
Does Comodo Antivirus cloud allow a similar managed solution?
If so is it possibile to install and manage Comodo Cloud Antivirus via ITSM?


Hi @datalink . We don’t have the information on hand. We will forward this question to our Development Team. Once they had responded, we will send you an email and post their response on this forum post. Thank you.

Hi @datalink,

Customers can use Comodo Client Security which is managed from ITSM portal and can prevent the end user from being able to change the settings via Client Access Control feature. So, CCS is suitable for customer’s goals.
Comodo Cloud Antivirus isn’t supported in ITSM.

Please refer to this help guide:

You can do that in C1. The antivirus we have in C1 can handle what you need.
We don’t call it Antivirus Cloud. The only product called cloud is a consumer product.
What you need is already available in C1.

This kind of response does not install confidence. Even I know the answer to this question. Perhaps no answer is better in this case.

Hi, I understand the current antivirus solution C1 is still based on local signatures that need to be downloaded. Is it corret ? I strongly believe that light remotly managed cloud based antivirus that doesn’t need to download signatures is a must for most endpoint enviroments today. Do you have any plan to add your Cloud based Antivirus in a C1 arsenal ?


Hello @datalink ,

Yes, it has the local signature storing capability for offline classification but also has the cloud lookup capability over our File Lookup Service and Valkyrie Services which is same with Cloud AV.

Thank you for providing us this suggestion. We have submitted your request to our product team where they will review it and determine where it will fit best on the product road-map.
You can expect to hear back in less than 10 business days with a time-frame for the planned implementation.
Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.

no :slight_smile:
our AV has “Containment technology”, realtime lookup called FLS, Behaviour Blocking and so on… Yes it also has the old style signatures, but the security is provided by containment technology along with realtime Lookup system called FLS (Valkyrie). It already has all the cloud protection you could ask for plus more…

Hello, I’d like to prevent the users to access CCS since I run a antivirus managed service but it seems that “client access control” doesn’t work for me. Despite I set password protection setting in the profile applied to my endpoints, the endpoint users are still able to open Comodo Client Security and make changes without entering password. Where am I wrong ? Thanks

Hello @datalink ,

You are actually on the right track.
Please do double check the associated profile applied on your affected endpoint/s and let us know if password protection still not working on your end so we can
further investigate the issue.

You have computer administrator ticked. Remove this it will all work.

Hello, yes the associated profile is applied correctly, (via a group) because any other modification of the profile is executed correctly (for example: after setting “Show security client tray icon” on, the ccs icon is shown)


Yup, Thanks @dittoit If selected, CCS and CCC can be accessed after entering the computer administrator password.

Thank you all, now it works.

Traditional “Cloud AV” basically stores the signatures in the cloud, but still relies on this old method of protection. As @melih says this is in CCS but as a last point of protection as containment and behaviour blocking is the future (now for Comodo) and is used first.

Personally I do not like the term “Cloud AV” as the AV is not cloud based, at best the management platform and signatures can be cloud based but not the actual antivirus program. People use the term “cloud” too much and too loosely.

Hello Robin, my observation is mainly about the selling point of view. Currently I sell AV managed using WebRoot. I’m quite happy with it. The customers are quite happy too: very light, about 1MB, no big signatures to download, it is fast,can live with other AVs at the same time and only send to the cloud hashes of the suspected files. It only work for endpoints connected to Internet though. Since I started using ITSM I also start installing CCS and I’d like to use it instead webroot because it is integrated in the portal. Its features seems very strong and I’m currently studying them deeply because I still don’t understand them all. Anyway the customers after using webroot don’t appreciate the comparisons about heaviness of the program and of the upgrading methodology, so I’ve asked if Comodo Cloud AV can be a future alternative to CCS.

Hi @datalink

I would be concerned that your customers are happy to sacrifice the security of their systems for performance. Given the current security ecosystem, I am actively pushing my customers to become more security conscious. We have even invested in licenses on our customers behalf (at our cost) to secure their infrastructure to what we deem a baseline level and to deliver on the security promises that we made them.

If your customers machines are performing slowly because of the AV product, i would question either the age of the machine or their buying strategy. Too many MSPs are not advising their customers correctly, and simply selling the wrong products. I dont mind as i can easily pick up business on the back of it, but i feel for the many organisations that end up going out of business due to not having a good baseline security policy.

I am in the process of onboarding a new customer who had been a customer of a national MSP until now. As part of my initial discussions with them, i looked at some of the laptops that they had purchased in the last 3 months, which were all i3 based and not suitable for the customers requirements. The MSP had suggested these as they fitted within a ‘desired’ budget, and did not query the customer on the actual usage of the machine. These machines were also running free versions of Avast Home antivirus and and all users had admin rights. They are now in a legal dispute with their previous provider over failure to meet their proposed security SLAs and are looking to return the ‘undersold’ units.

Moral of the story, if they are reluctant to invest in security, it will come back and bite them (and likely you through the additional support required) in the @ss.

I understand what you mean.
Comodo is heavy but not as heavy as some for similar levels of protection.

I would agree with @curatrix_pl about you can never have too much security and really would look at the machines ability more than the protection level.

If you wanted the lightest version possible of an AV product (even lighter than WebRoot’s) you could look at combining Spam filtering and Web AV/Filtering via the Comodo platform and have no AV on the computers. I would NOT recommend this as it is dangerous and means you could never use USB sticks etc, this really should be an addition to your desktop AV, BUT proberly give you almost same protection as a “Cloud AV” would.

Hi @curatrix_pl

I like your stance on putting in good security systems and which more MSP’s where like this.
If you need any help on better Comodo licensing costs speak to me as we are a Comodo Distributor and will do all we can to make sure your getting the best price possible.

Thanks for the reach out… may be in touch :smiley: