Comodo CRM Security..

We’ve only just started using Comodos CRM… we certainly dont need 99% of the features… but we needed somewhere to store login details for devices on the Itarian platform… As there doesn’t appear to be this facility within the RMM platform itself, currently this is done via a separate google account but it’s laborious and time consuming… We needed somewhere to store this information ideally within the Itarian Platform and as organizations are already shared between the RMM and CRM it seemed the obvious choice.

Quickest and easiest way we found was to simply create an organization list on the CRM home and post a note on each organizations own account page with the information.

My reason for posting is twofold… just how secure is the CRM/vtiger platform and secondly, has anyone an alternative that we’ve overlooked.



@Ed_Johnson Thank you very much for providing us your suggestion. Your input is important to us as it will help improve the usefulness of the platform for the entire users’ community. We will reach out to you via a support ticket as we have to ask few more questions about your suggestion.


I dont believe I ever recieved an update on this quiery. Additionally I’ve noticed that quite a few of our cutomers are missing from the organisations within the crm. Any idea why this is happening please??

I can add them manually but previously they would automatically sync with customers from the RMM. Could this have something to do with the ‘assigned to’ field? I notice that all automatically added organizations are assigned to ‘Administrator’ but when you add them manually the Administrator is unavailable and you can only assign them to a user…

Hi @Ed_Johnson ,

We checked and fixed your problem. Can you please control and inform me if the problem is still remain?

Sorry for my late answer.


What was the fix? Maybe it will help readers of this forum, if solutions get posted??!!
@Ed_Johnson why did you not store those credentials in a password manager like KeepassXC or BitWarden? They are very flexible to store pretty much anything…

The problem was fixed. No idea what they did to fix the problem. re a third party password manager, we need something quick, that syncs with Itarian without the need to log into another app and create organisations when they already exist in Itarian. These are just login credentials should we need to reboot endpoints and the crm solution works for us…

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