Comodo Device Management 4.0 Released!

Hi all,

I would like to announce new version of Comodo (Mobile) Device Management (CDM).

With 4.0 release, Comodo Mobile Device Management evolved to be Comodo Device Management (CDM) due to the edition of Windows laptops, desktops and servers management. Now, Comodo Device Management (CDM) can manage all devices including smartphone, tablet, PC, workstation and server.

World’s best Endpoint Security technology ( is added on it to provide best protection of your Windows devices (AV, FW, Sandbox, File Rating and Viruscope layers). With this edition, Comodo Device Management (CDM) will provide the patent pending protection technologies both on mobile devices and computers.

One other thing we need to mention is that, now Comodo Device Management (CDM) would have base version which has full Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Security Management and limited time Windows Endpoint Security Management FOR FREE!!!

You can get your free license from below link right away and start using it…

And please don’t forget, You can use Comodo Cloud Servers start using it in a few minutes or you can deploy it to your internal servers and host on your company. Both options are available.

What else is NEW?

Mobile related new features:

  • Application Wrapping: Companies would be able to process their existing apps on our platform for additional security and functionality enforcement.
    • Encrypt and isolate managed application data from personal application data
    • Control if apps should be allowed to run on “Rooted” devices
    • Control if apps should accept any external inputs from other applications
    • Control to use of Camera
    • Control to use of clipboard (copy/paste)
    • Restrict the internet connection completely or only to VPN access
    • Enforce usage of app to only with Single Sign On authentication
  • New quick action button to "add a user" and "enroll a device". You won't miss it, "Big Plus" button will be always on top right corner.
Windows environment features:
  • Deployment of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CES) to enable endpoint protection on your Windows PC's, workstations and servers.
  • Enablement and management of World's best Containment technology protection that can protect your devices from malicious files and also from unknown threats like zero days and APT's.
  • Management of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CES)
    • Configure detailed sandbox rules
    • Control AV and FW components
    • Collect and act on Unknown file list
  • Dashboard for Windows Devices
  • Inventory information of Windows Devices
  • Inventory information of all unknown files on your network
    • Ability to investigate them
    • Ability to add them to trusted list (so that it would be excluded from containment in Comodo Endpoint Security Manager)
    • Ability to add them to malicious list (so that it would be blocked by Comodo Endpoint Security Manager)
Best regards, Ilker

Worlds first full featured FREE device management!!! Amazing job guys, amazing!


In regards to the Windows End Point Security Management are you looking for the licensing renewal that customers should expect. Is going to be a product that is free for the first year and then changed?

Hi Budda,

For Windows End Point Management, we are providing one month free trial. Then we expect admins to purchase additional premium license for managed Windows devices if they want to use our endpoint protection technology.

Best regards,