Comodo Device Management

Are you able to determine certain devices within RMM that would use the Comodo Device Management (Mostly for some of my clients that would use the Anti-Virus), I have clients that would not use the Anti-Virus as they have to use their own Anti-Virus that is already approved, so I wouldn’t want to pay a monthly fee for those end points that don’t require it that all I am doing is monitoring the hardware of the workstation.

Hello doveroh ,

RMM and CDM (Comodo Device Manager) are two separate products, you have a different administration console for each of them and different agents that must be installed on the endpoints as well. For the clients that only need monitoring you can install the RMM agent alone.
The two modules can’t interact with each other in a way that would allow you to establish which RMM devices to use CDM.

When you install CDM you have the ability to choose which components you want in it. Antivirus is optional (you get 1 month free and after 1 month you have to enable it to continue). If you don’t choose the antivirus, then you don’t have to worry about it, you still have CDM capability but without the antivirus component.