Comodo Device Managment - Major Problem HELP

Aloha from hawaii!

Here is my problem. I am one of Comodo’s newer customers, signed up for their Comodo One account. for the most part I am very happy with the service they offer, HOWEVER!


Windows 7x64 - Clean Install, All updates, Problem is, I deploy only the Agent (Device Manager) for the computer, when its installed, i am not able to install any programs, i mean they install, say they installed, but the folder new gets created in the Programs folder, but in add / remove programs it shows up as installed!!

The only fix for this is to uninstall the Comodo Device Manager on the customers computer and install my programs like, google drive, chrome etc, and everything works with no problems.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Customers computer doesnt even have AV installed on it, so i know sandbox isnt the problem. Online I am using the default option for sending our agents.

This doesnt happen to all of our customers computers, only come of them.

2nd Part of the problem is

Windows 7 x64 Pro computer, - Computer has the agent on it - Problem - Customer did a backup to their EXT HDD (copy Paste) around 10GB of files, windows said the files copied over, but when going to the backup, they are not there!

Again, Uninstall the Comodo Device manager - do the same thing as above and files move like normal. I had a customer loose 10gb of data because they did this and did a system re-install and none of her files copied over

I have a support ticket open with comodo, there are no comodo logs on this probelms, logs are not there or empty…

Really need help on this please…


Hello @Wizzard005 ,

We have tracked down the specific support ticket raised with us and we are waiting for a reply from you on there.
I have just emailed you again on the same ticket. Looking forward to your reply.