Comodo Dome....Cleaning the web traffic before it hits your network

what do you guys think?

We already have similar services (web protection) through other vendors and It can be certainly useful in our set of tools but we were not given the pricing structure in the conversation thread. (link below)

Has progress been made on the pricing and road map for the service?

what similar service are you referring to?
i have asked our guys about the price and the ability to purchase online.

Interested. Will look at the trials. Keen to get pricing.

We have used Opendns umbrella, AVG and webroot in the past for web security.

good to hear. The huge difference is that any unknown executable file will be wrapped into portable containment then sent down, hence preventing any infection. Its the next level security.

Will have to get competitive pricing before we can plan any roll out considering sandboxing is already included in CDM.

what pricing would you want compared to others?

What would this be compared to? OpenDNS Umbrella? What level of integration does it have with the rest of the Comodo suite or with other vendors? I am new to Comodo and the Comodo One platform. It looks promising. The maturity of the products/services and their integration/interoperability with each other and other systems I think will make it easier to assimilate and make decisions for the MSP/MSSP. As far as pricing I haven’t looked at the competition closely enough but in general if the capabilities and ease of use are comparable and price is competitive we will deploy it, especially if it scales with us. In this last respect especially around TCO and overall openness/interoperability of the system hopefully some conversations will be had.

Hi MTekhna,

Good to have you on board!

You can check below for comparison:

Comodo Dome OpenDNS Umbrella
Cloud-based Sandbox and File Verdicting yes no
Antivirus, Static & Behavioral Analysis yes no
Automated Unknown File Containment yes no
Send Malware to Human Analysis yes no
Analysis of Archive Files yes no
Block Files by SHA yes no
Block Browser Exploits, XSS and Cookie Stealing Websites yes no
HTTPS Interception yes no
Forensic Grade Malware Reports yes no
VPN connection yes no
Integration via ICAP yes no
Proxy Chaining yes no
Location based configuration yes no
Customizable Reporting Widgets yes no
Active Directory Integration yes yes
URL Filtering by category yes yes
Botnet,Fraud,Phising Site Protection yes yes*
*Umbrella can only do Domain Filtering based protection for phising but can NOT do containment and behavioral analysis that Dome uses for same URL categories.

You need to check this out for our direction.

and the datasheet from below:

I’ll be giving a demo to mhberglund, why not we also schedule another one with you too ?

Industry pricing is around $1 to $1.50 per user/month based on quantity which you have probably researched already. We want to make money with you and we still have not heard about Dome pricing yet…