Comodo Dome Firewall Central Manager - cloud version

Following this link they say you can contact comodo to provision a cloud firewall from them I have sent 2 emails to and was wondering if this is the right contact detials.

If not, how do I go about getting a firewall provisioned for my msp account.

Thanks in advance

Hello @root404 ,

Unfortunately, Comodo Dome Firewall, Comodo Dome Firewall Central Manager (CM) and Korugan Unified Threat Manager (UTM) are no longer supported solutions in the Comodo product line.

These solutions are being discontinued due to market demand, shifts in technology, and a change in focus and investment. Unfortunately, there will not be a direct replacement for Comodo Dome Firewall, Comodo Dome Firewall CM and Korugan UTM within Comodo’s solution portfolio.

Existing users can still use Comodo Dome Firewall (without Comodo Dome Firewall CM) and Korugan UTM for existing accounts, however, Comodo will no longer perform updates or bug fixes for these solutions.

We want to thank you for your loyalty and support.

Jimmy I don’t understand the market demand and technology shift part as we see competitors are developing their UTM technology. Is Comodo saying that UTMs or firewall are not no longer needed? If so what are the alternatives? Is it Secure web gateways?

Would be nice if they had that sort of info on there site. What about there DNS filtering are they still offering that for MSP’s?

DNS is still in operations I’m currently using Cdome Platinum for my clients.