Comodo Dome Firewall Port Forward

Does anyone know the steps to Port Forward for Comodo Dome Firewall also it appears the Dynamic DNS option is gone now, does anyone know where that went?


We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update as soon as we can.


I appreciate it, I am doing testing with it right now

Hi @derrick.kleckner . Please check this help guide link and let us know if this helps. Thank you.

I saw that one, but that doesn’t do what I need it to do. I am utilizing a dynamic IP and need to port forward using DNAT (Destination NAT) and not SNAT (Source NAT) DNAT doesn’t exist. Now I know this is embedded somewhere in the code as the firewall is based off of Endian FW which has all those features including the Dynamic DNS which I need as well. Dynamic DNS was on the original Korugan but for some reason is now gone. Do we know when these features will be added back to the GUI?


We understand that you are performing a different task in utilizing port forwarding. We will try to acquire information from our development team if this feat is feasible. We will provide any updates once it becomes available

Hello @derrick.kleckner,

Please do check this Help Guide link:

Let us know if this information have answered your query. Thank you.

Hello, I appreciate you getting back.


The Virtual IP forwarding only works if you have multiple static public IP’s to do this with and you want an internal IP to face externally. Unfortunately, we are still missing the true DNAT Port Forwarding option so that you can forward multiple internal IP’s through one static or one dynamic IP.

This is more basic port forwarding that is found in almost all Firewalls and Routers today. I know this can be done and probably I could do it through CLI but the option isn’t built into the GUI for this product.

Hi @derrick.kleckner ,

We appreciate for bringing this concern to our attention. We have requested additional information on your queries to provide better information on this matter. Thank you.

@derrick.kleckner ,

We would like to ask an update if this issue is still unresolved on your end. Or if you still have queries about this topic.