COMODO Dome Firewall Release 2.4.0, what's new?

Hi I have been playing with CDF 2.1.0 then updated it to 2.4.0, but there is no Release information about that version. Where to find it?

Another thing is, What is the status of new enhancement for this appliance?


We sent the COMODO Dome Firewall 2.4.0 Release Notes thru email. Kindly check your Inbox and Junk/Spam folders.

Where are they for everybody else ??

I have to admit I did not think they had released a new version within the last month or so.

Thanks received, but It should be posted here also.

agreed! We should.

Hello Gentlemen! @axatech, @dittoit @StrobeTech

Please see this link for our release notes for Dome Firewall 2.4.0 and Dome Firewall Central Manager 1.2.0.

dome_fw_releasenotes-joint for 2.4.0 and 1.2.0.docx (17.6 KB)

Thanks for the document, this is an old update notice unfortunately.

I have been working with @bulut and his team on this and after extensive testing, this version does not fully work meaning we had to revert back to IPFire. I’m hoping to find some more time again soon to speak to the team on this and see when the next version is out as hopefully this might iron out the bugs.