Comodo Dome FW - Generate new SSL for server

Is there a way to generate a new ssl cert on CDFW and be able to change comodo-utm.localdomain to for example, where new domain is company domain and RTR1CDFW is the new name for the FW hostname.

Hello @axatech,

We will collect information from our developers and provide you with an update as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience.

thank you for information.

Hello @axatech,

We have been informed by our development team that a user can create a new certificate on the Proxy -> HTTP/HTTPS -> HTTPS Page. But the user should import the new certificate.
Changing hostname can be done only for Lan interface. User can alter hostname on the Network -> Interfaces -> Edit Lan interface.

For example, we have set the hostname as “test-comodo” and we can access to FW via this hostname.

Please let us know if the above information has been helpful. Thank you.