Comodo EDR free version expiration


I registered in 2017 for comodo edr free Trial that was limited to a Shorter logs period time. Does the free License expire after one year and I may not use the free service anymore until I upgrade to paid or is the free version free forever?

There is a premium version for 30 and 90 days.
I have emailed you about these and the prices as discussed.

i thought there was a 30 day free version but I’m not so sure now.

I was kicked out of the free version I was using a few weeks ago also.

I believe this is now a fully paid service only.

If you are interested in prices please send us a PM

So, because Comodo One name was changed to ITarian and now also Comodo Dragon, the following statement no longer applies?? “The World’s First FREE EDR and it will always be FREE!” -

Hello @uandit,

Kindly reach out to our sales department for more information on Comodo EDR .

Thank you.

I would also like to hear an official response to this on these forums for everyone to see.

Hello @Riley_C, I do not need sales. If Comodo One, which is what I signed up with, advertises a product FREE forever, then kindly help me (and others) activate it.

I submitted a ticket last month TICKET #7477 and do not yet have a resolution. Upon discovering Comodo RMM, I originally (naively) created a Comodo One EU account and only realized it was the EU site when I couldn’t remote in to any machines with Remote Control unless I selected the EU dropdown option. At that point, I created a Comodo One USA account and the EDR Application option just spins and spins forever because the EU license and USA license apparently activated with the same License ID(?). I have asked for assistance on switching the EU license to my USA instance and still waiting patiently…

From tech support: “We have received an update from our development team and they mentioned that you have an account on EU instance with the same license “--*******” for cWatch EDR. Using the same license for different accounts is not allowed on cWatch EDR, so you should get new license for cWatch EDR for the second account on US.” → IF IT IS NOT ALLOWED, THEN WHY IS IT TRYING TO ACTIVATE/USE THE SAME LICENSE IN THE FIRST PLACE? I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THAT, RIGHT? I have tried every option I can think of. Also, it does not appear that I can activate another Free cW EDR license? I will need assistance from the tech support team.

So, I checked the forum to see if others were having problems and I notice they are.

Thanks in advance if you can help us further with these concerns.


It appears to be working now. Thank you!

There is a free version which works for about 3 days as pictured above, but for a full service you have to pay.

With the confusion to all the names here is a quick overview :-

  • Itarian is the RMM, service desk and remote control software company and products are free​​​​​​
  • Comodo is the security products which are a set of paid products with EDR as shown above having a free level. Dome Shield (soon to be “secure DNS”) also has a free level
  • Dragon is or should I say will be as far as we currently know will be a central control panel to configure all Comodo products

If that’s the case I shouldn’t be locked out of my EDR module after one year.


Originally I was informed the free license was gone, but looking at their information it has not.

It would be worth raising with support as you might be locked out due to an old trial license conflict