Comodo Firewall entry in network adapter properties

A number of my endpoints are popping up with a yellow exclamation mark on the network adapter. If I click into the properties and uncheck the comodo firewall entry the connection works.
I think it might have to do with the creators update perhaps?

Hello @Velvis
Can you double-check one (or more) of the affected endpoints if the Comodo Client Security (CCS) folder has an extra ’ - old’ at the end of its name? If that is the case, just remove/rename it and restart the endpoint. How long ago has CCS been updated on those affected endpoints?

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update released last October 2017 did have unforeseen effects on many security software at that time. But the Comodo development team has already addressed this ‘conflict’ with the Windows 10 update. This issue with CCS would only come up now IF it was not updated for a long time (i.e., last update was before Oct 2017).

If the Comodo Client Security application is working correctly on the PC, ie can you open the application, you don’t need to look for a folder to rename. Which version of CCS are you running?

The Comodo Internet Security Firewall driver can normally be unticked safely on machines on the LAN, but only if you don’t need to use the Comodo Firewall module.