Comodo ITSM Client Questions:

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to the product and I am slowly working out a number of things, and I have some questions:

  1. Is there a way to trigger a wake on lan script to a machine that is off or fallen asleep within a client’s network from a peer machine that is turned on? (e.g. a server that is on 24 by 7 is used to trigger a wake on lan packet to a machine for a receptionist, in order to install a number of patches)

  2. Are vPro extensions on the roadmap for integration into Comodo One?

  3. Is there a way to send a check-in command from a Comodo ITSM client, without having to log on as a user to do so?


Glen Scaglione
Director of Operations
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Hi @getsupport.

  1. A “wake on Lan” script of ITSM is included on our road map. I can include your email address to the loop of clients who will receive updates about this request.
  2. For vPro extensions, currently it is not on our road map and we will send you an email about it.
  3. We will be sending you an email about this…

Thank you.

Hi @Parker

Is it possible to add my email address to the loop of clients so i can receive updates about this request as i’m looking for same functionality

Thank you