Comodo Korumail: Please submit feature / enhancement requests here

Hi all,

We get a few feature/enhancement requests from time to time which we are going to put in this thread.

If you have a feature/enhancement request please submit it here.

We will be pleased to grant your requests posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about antispam, feel free to ask below.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail


Just a few things that I think would improve the product. It’s possible some of these already exist and I haven’t figured out how to do it.

  1. Enhanced Granular Permissions

A few examples;

An restricted admin user should only be able to see mail and quarantine logs for domains they are a owner of.
Under SMTP > Domains, an restricted admin user should only see domains that they are a owner of (except full access admins who should see everything).
An restricted admin user should have a different limited information dashboard.

  1. Ability to add multiple e-mail addresses to a Quarantine webmail mailbox

A user could have two e-mail addresses, and Ideally quarantined e-mails to both e-mail addresses should go to the same quarantine webmail mailbox.

Daily summary quarantine e-mails should reflect this behaviour also.

  1. Select language for daily summary emails

At the moment, users receive a daily summary email but the table headers have both English and Turkish translations. Ideally if we set it so only English appears. Maybe there is already a way but I can’t seem to figure it out.

  1. SMTP-AUTH to use local database authentication method

Would be good if we could set an e-mail address and password in a local database which SMTP-AUTH could use to authenticate senders. Rather than LDAP or POP3/IMAP.

Hope this helps. Happy to provide further examples or more information on this.


Good list Ryan, I agree with all of these.
We have also mentioned to the team before about simple things like comment boxes for allowed relays for example so you can record why or what things are for.

Hi Ryan and Robin,

First of all many thanks for your suggestions and comments.

We will be evaluating your suggestions with our development team and then I will inform you about the delivery dates of the planned ones.

In addition, I can say for your first two request, these multiple admin rights and alias management can be much more suitable for our customers that wants to manage different multiple domains and user groups. So, we have another antispam products called “Dome Antispam MSP” or “Antispam Gateway” which have these features. These are multitenant cloud instanced antispam products. If you need to use these features asap, you may want to try these products by getting your free Trial license from the following link:

Best Regards,

The current KoruMail is perfect for Multitenant and is doing very well, just needs some extra features and cleaning up