Comodo log collection for support

I get asked for the below on a regular basis when trouble shooting problem from support, can Comodo create some kind of automatic collector? either:
1, integrate the log collection in the ITSM agent
2, produce a script that collects and FTP’s,
3, create a program to run on the endpoint
4, something else ???

  • windows event logs
  • msinfo32
  • cdm.db (located at Program File (x86)\Comodo\Comodo ITSM)
  • profiles exported for the affected endpont


This would be extremely helpful!

Good idea, let me know if this can be introduced.

Hello @dittoit, @MTekhna,and @nct,

We appreciate your inputs and suggestions. We’ll have your feedback forwarded to our development team and we’ll keep you posted on these requests.

Thank you.

Hi @dittoit , @MTekhna , and @nct ,
We have created scripts that would automatically collect most of the logs required for almost any CCC and CCS issues. However, depending on the issue that is being reported, we are providing the scripts through the tickets, mostly because the scripts must be edited to create an output that would include the Ticket ID - the output will be automatically uploaded to one of our SFTP accounts and we need a to be able to link the files with the case for which they were collected for.

Hi @dittoit , @MTekhna , and @nct ,

Please use attached scripts to collect and directly upload ITSM+CCS logs, ITSM logs, and CCS logs to Comodo SFTP server.

You can choose and run procedure based on the logs requested by our Comodo One support team.

20170707-CCC-Logs.json (7.88 KB)

20170707-CCS-Logs.json (6.84 KB)

20170707-C1-Logs.json (9.24 KB)