Comodo Mac OS client - allowing clients to add and save exclusions

I believe this is a setting in the Profile templates for the Comodo Antivirus for my Mac clients, but I cannot seem to find it.

I would like end users to be able to add exclusions to their Comodo Antivirus (in my case, large external hard drives used primarily for Time Machine backup) and have the settings “stick”. With my current profiles, everything works as expected, but when a client adds an exclusion, it is quickly reset by the exclusion list that is specifically written in the security profile that was deployed to that user.

Since several users have different names for external drives, I can’t add custom exclusion rules in the profile for every case, nor do I want to be so granular as to make custom profiles for each user (not manageable).

So, what adjustments can I make to the profile to allow adding exclusions on the user side that will not be over written by the profile?

Thank you in advance for any assistance…


Hi @andrew.pease,

Sorry, the Feature request “Enable local user to override profile configuration” is available in Windows Profile only. We have created a feature request to have this feature in Mac OS profiles.

Kind Regards,

Well, at least there is a reason I couldn’t find it… Thank you for the information.