Comodo MSP - Free (NOT) Forever

So what happened. I’ve been using Comodo One since it became available years ago, investing time in education, deploying in my infrastructure, and integrating the platform into my workflow.
This was all under that original premise that Comodo would be “Free Forever”. That was clearly untrue. So my question now is when will it end so that I can plan my migration away from Comodo in time.
I’m assuming eventually the only “free” thing to do in Comodo will be the ability to login.

Also, can someone explain, without lies, what is going on with my endpoint management licensing:

  • I have a new notification in “Device Manager” that says “All free licenses will be expired in 20 days.”
  • Yet, the current license on my devices says I have 118 days left.

So. WTF is going on? How can anyone run a business around this trash?

Thanks in advance for any information, thoughts, or suggestions.

Hello @RoninMedia ,

As you know, ITarian Endpoint Manager is becoming a paid product starting from 1/1/2020. The notification that you are seeing is about Security functionalities of the platform. If you do not have a paid Advanced Endpoint Protection license, you will not be able to use security related functionality on profiles, and Security Sub-systems sections. All other sections will be still enabled, including all monitoring, patch management, mobile device management capabilities and so on.

If you have less than or equal to 50 devices, your bill will be created exactly for $0. You will receive a bill every month for your RMM usages, even if the charged amount is $0.

The system requests your credit card information just for auto bill payment mechanism to work. It is not required for you to enter your credit card details anytime. In that case, if one day you will have more than 50 active devices, them you will have to pay the related amount manually from Management -> Applications -> Endpoint Manager -> Billing section.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help you.

Best regards,
Ilgaz Yucecengiz
Technical Product Manager
Endpoint Manager,

With respect, canned answeres like this are not of any use and frustrating for endusers

Someone has a bee in their bonnet about my posts as they keep un-approving them. Sad really.

Hi @RoninMedia I will be more than happy to address your concerns as I’ve responded to your other posts but have not received replies. Yes it very possible to successfully run your business out of our platform as many of my clients have done so and are continuing to do so. I would more than willing to offer setting up a conference call with one of my clients where maybe everyone can share best practices in an effort where ALL can be successful. At the very least I ask is that we can have a conversation over the phone. I will PM you and will cross my fingers that we can arrange some time during our schedules for a conversation.

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

Hi @RoninMedia

We used to use an expensive system that has been bought a few times since and now called “Datto RMM”, and this was extremely terrible at the time and actually did not work for its funds.

We have a working system in ITarian which is great, unfortunately it is now a charged system but still at a sensible rate, and if your buy AV it is amazingly priced due to getting the RMM for free!