Comodo ONE Client Security Questions

I have deployed Comodo ONE Client Security on a client workstation via ITSM and have several quesions related to the end user experience and administration.

  1. After the installation a desktop icon for “Shared Space” appears on the desktop. What is this? Is there any way to prevent it from appearing?
  2. After the installation an obtrusive widget appears… is there any way to deploy this in a more silent mode?
    2a. Manually trying to remove the widget on the endpoint or access advanced settings Comodo ONE Client Security prompts for Computer Administrator credentials - I enter valid local admin credentials and they are denied. There is an alternative ESM Mode Access, what is this? How do I set the ESM Mode Access password? Is there any way to push configuration related to displaying widgets and desktop icons from ITSM?
  3. How does the licensing work for this product? Is it a trial? Where do I go to administer the upsell on a per customer / per user basis?

The client workstation is running Win 10 Pro 64 and is not domain joined.

Hello @rrrryyyyaaaannnn ,

Shared space is created by Comodo One Client Security (the sandbox module to be more specific). By default it is created in ‘C:\Program Data\Shared Space’ and it is used for sharing files between the sandbox and the real computer system. Unfortunately these settings (removing Shared Space icon or the widget) cannot be changed from ITSM yet but I will forward your requests to the developers and we will get back to you as soon as we have their resolution on this.

Comodo One Client Security has a 30 day trial period. To manage your subscriptions, in Comodo One dashboard please go to Management > Subscriptions and there you will be able to see all your orders and also place new orders for the registered products.

@rrrryyyyaaaannnn , regarding the credentials that are requested to modify the settings, please try to add the user name under the form ‘computer_name\admin_user’ and let us know the result.

Thank you for escalating… the rationale is that we are selling managed services. Our customers’ end users should not be nagged or distracted by obtrusive agents… the widget is particularly bad. The best case is that everything runs silently in the background, all settings are managed remotely by my MSP admins through the ITSM, and the end user only knows the Client Security agent exists in the case of a ‘hit’ that needs to be quarantined or deleted.

When I go to Management -> Subscriptions I see nothing related to Comodo One Client Security. When I go to “Buy New Subscription” I get dumped straight into a shopping cart for “ITSM_Subscription_Premium_Edition.” Are there any details to what I am buying? What does the SKU ITSM_Subscription_Premium_Edition include?

Your developers have done a great job at making a lot of individual tools, but the integration and purchasing workflows are very disappointing.

The only part in ITSM that you have to pay for is the security package (Comodo One Client - Security). When you click on ‘Buy new Subscription’ it will take you to a purchase page, from where you can select the number of endpoints that you want to protect and the subscription validity. The example below illustrates the purchase of a subscription good for up to 50 endpoints:

Hello @rrrryyyyaaaannnn ,

We are pleased to inform you that COCS widget will be disabled by default in maintenance version that will be released on early next week. Also, in Q3 we will implement a section from where you can control what is displayed on endpoints (including the ability to turn on/off the widget, remove the shared space icon, etc.)

We appreciate your patience and your understanding in this matter!