Comodo ONE Enterprise Forum gone

When going to the C1 enterprise forum it redirects to the MSP pages.

does the same to me!

Hi @Joners @jtlogic

We are merging the enterprise and MSP forum under ONE Forum. This is just the transition period. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Disappointed they are being merged. It would have be great to have a forum for just MSPs, where Comodo verified users’ eligibility and kept the forum private.

I can appreciate that, i think the reason that it was done is that the C1 enterprise forum was a ghost town and seeing that they are merging the product lines it makes sense to have it split out like this.

There will be different sub forums for the MSP/Enterprise components so that should keep the chatter down.

although the url may be the same, there will be 2 different sections for MSPs vs IT Admins in enterprises…
We believe this way both parties can enjoy their own sections, as well as cooperate in some of the parts to benefit each other.

Would still like to see the MSP section restricted to verified MSPs.

Yep…we are thinking about that too.