Comodo One is down also.

I can not access our ITSM on Comodo One, US server. My password is refused and password reset does not work, It comes up with pop-up with Network Error on the web page to enter the email address to send the request.

@yleclerc ,

Our Product Developers have detected minor interruption with the C1 portal. As of the moment, it is intermittent as of now, but we are urgently resolving the log-in as soon as possible.

It is not intermittent for us. I need to access management console so as to check the status of my ITSM registered end-points. How do I know that our end-points are secure?

@yleclerc ,

The portal and other services should be up now. Can you please check again? Completely log out from your C1 and log back in.

Funny thing is Solarwinds sent me an email about a trial offer just yesterday.

I wonder how often they go down.


We apologize about the minor interruption. We thank you for your patience and continued patronage.

We’re seeing a high delay between commands being sent from the C1 portal to devices (sometimes ~30-40 minutes) or failing to execute with no log entries.

@troaxis ,

We are still experiencing some intermittencies on Comodo One Portal. our Development Team is resolving these minor hiccups.

@Jimmy, I want to ask is there much of a difference between the EU and US servers? I would assume there must be some latency differences as well.
We are located in Canada and the US servers I believe would be closer.

Hello @troaxis, please check our comment here about the benefit of US vs EU.