Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform April Release (04/22/2017)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo ONE on Saturday (04/22/2017) morning. Platform will be on maintenance mode for 3 hours early Saturday. We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

Comodo One Portal

New Features

  • Top menu bar of Comodo One Portal is restructured and redesigned for better usability and touch screen compability. It would help you navigate faster and with ease to accomplish more and save time.
  • Quick Actions menu is added to top menu bar of Comodo One as well. No matter in which module you are working in, now you can easily reach and use your most used functionalities.
  • Now Comodo One has Dome Shield as its one of default module! With Dome Shield you will have the features below:
    • DNS BASED SECURITY: Set your DNS Servers to Dome Shield in seconds and start your security on and off premise.
    • CATEGORY BASED DOMAIN FILTERING: Enforce company policy even off-premise using 70 different URL Categories and custom B/W Lists.
    • SECURITY PROFILES: Block Malware, Phishing, Botnet, Fraud and many more, updated daily.
    • WEB ACCESS REPORTING: Get full visibility of everything happening on your Dome Shield connected perimeter, create custom widgets.
Dome Shield will be provided as base module for both new registrations and existing accounts after login of Account Admin.
  • Acronis Cloud Backup servers have three storage location options now, which are United States, United Kingdom and Germany, so that you can choose where your data would be stored.


  • MSP/Enterprise comparison table on provisioning is updated to include new features so that differences can be observed easily.

Bug Fixes:

  • Readability of Report menu items revised, therefore you can create, and edit reports in a more readable page.

IT and Security Manager

New Features

  • Comodo Client Viewer (CCV) now has clipboard sharing functionality. CCV allows admins to have the ability to share clipboards over CCV. With this clipboard synchronization ability, it is easy for admins to copy a web addresses, configurations, content and more from his device to connected device and vice versa.
  • Admins can configure the new “Remote Access profile section to enable Comodo Client Viewer (CCV) inform endpoint user about who connected to his device and allow him to terminate session if it is not a suitable time for remote connection.
  • Comodo Client Viewer(CCV) now has multi-monitor support as well! Admins can now able to monitor dual screen at once, see only one screen like screen 1 or screen 2 and have ability to change the selection during remote session. With the help of this feature, now admins can utilize multiple monitor screens more efficiently by displaying multiple “remote monitors” simultaneously or switching between monitor screens as they prefer.
  • Admin can add exclusions to External Device Control feature with using wild characters in Device ID, such that all “USB Storage Devices” can be blocked except the ones that are distributed by the company having a similar range of Device ID’s (i.e: Device ID: USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_SANDISK\4C5310*)
  • ITSM now has minor improvements in order to maximize admin’s control for the security sub-systems;
    • Admins can now filter the files that don’t exists on any endpoint! Admins can filter to show purged files over Security Sub Systems>Application Control menu. Security Client for Windows now updating the auto-purged files list to ITSM. With the aid of “Show Purged Files” filter on operating system patches tab; admins can filter the purged files on endpoints. With this feature, admins have detailed information and improved control for the files list in endpoints. (By default, file list should not show files with 0 device counter)
  • Admins can now preview all common list of files with verdicts over “File List” tab under Security Sub-Systems> Application Control menu. Unrecognized, trusted, malicious tabs are merged which allows admins to monitor all the common list of the file verdicts in a unified menu.


  • ITSM now have unique design improvements, new smooth look as all the other components of C1 platform have for better user experience! ITSM has now unique pop-up/modal windows, new modal windows button in order to improve your ITSM experience.
  • Windows Quarantine and OS X Quarantine tabs are moved under security sub-systems>antivirus tab for better grouping and relevance.

Bug Fixes:

  • System behavior for changing event condition is fixed. Add Condition for Event menu is improved under Profiles>monitoring menu. Therefore, procedures trigger if all conditions are met in the event setup.

Service Desk

New Features:

  • Brand New Look for Service Desk! It is completely redesigned! Every single corner of it has been redesigned to meet high quality standards. More user-friendly interface for a better user experience and unified view!
  • Now you can set the time spent on ticket as billable or not by default on preferences page, so that you don’t miss any billable spent time on any ticket. Depending on your choice, it could be always asked “if the time spend on ticket is billable or not”, or the time spent on ticket can be always billable or always not billable.
  • Staff can add worked time for closed tickets, so that you don’t need to create new tickets for missed worked time of the previous tickets.
  • From now on, technicians could be limited to see only their own assigned tickets. Therefore, there will be no confusion for technicians about open and assigned tickets.
  • “Add Work Time” window is now bigger in new design, which makes it a lot easier to work on.
  • Time can be edited by text on Time Sheet Entry popup, which helps to enter exact amount of time by just typing.
  • There is more improvement on tickets section! Tickets can also be filtered by organization.
  • Due date is added as a new column on tickets section. Sorting your tickets by due date is available now. Bug Fixes:
  • End date saving issue during creating of new contract has been fixed, so that a contract can be created with start date and end date.

Comodo Client Security (CCS)

New Features

  • Heuristic Command Line analysis now supports Python scripts also for protecting you from new fileless malware attack vectors.
  • Endpoint users now can print documents from contained applications. For example, if the user received a suspicious PDF and opened it within containment and realized that it has valid information that should be printed, he may print the document without rating the file as trusted.
  • Admin can add exclusions to External Device Control feature with using wild characters in Device ID, such that all “USB Storage Devices” can be blocked except the ones that are distributed by the company having a similar range of Device ID’s (i.e: Device ID: USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_SANDISK\4C5310*)


New Features

  • Kill chain reports are also available for users who does not login to Valkyrie Dashboard to serve that functionality to all community.
  • Kill chain report Network Behavior and Behavior Graph sections are enhanced with additional information and arrangement to give user much more clear and detailed information about the file behaviors.
  • A Behavior Summary section is added to Kill Chain Report which includes all details of execution and behavior of file to show all details of analysis to customers.
  • Analysis requests and results of them will be downloadable as CSV from Valkyrie Dashboard to improve reporting capabilities. Improvements
  • Whitelisting time calculation strategy is improved to get accurate results.
Bug Fixes
  • Unparalleled protection 0-day malware statistics logic is changed to show only zero-day malware.

keep them rolling guys!!! amazing work…so much progress so quickly…keep going!

This sounds like an exciting update!! Dome integration, this seems huge!!! I hope it all works as expected at the end of the day.

Amazing changes, the new skin to osTicket is excellent and idea giving you your own branding and feel the same as the rest of the portal.
The addition of Comodo Dome is a great idea and allows us to show customers its abilities at a basic level which hopefully leads to Standard or greater purchase.

Things that could still be improved (I believe I have tickets open for) are: -

  • Billing by location / style of work instead of by device. [EG Workshop, On-Site or Remote]
  • Contracts to have the ability to have paid hours based on assets and/or location

Hello @StrobeTech ,

Thank you for the positive feedback, we really appreciate that.
Regarding your request, I need to check if you have existing tickets for that or
I might send you an email to keep you on the loop.

Hi All,

found one issue with the new layout which is that the switch to HTML editing for ServiceDesk (osTicket) responses does not work.

This is a very useful feature for table editing and correcting issues in formatting.

Looks great!