Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform December Release (12/03/2016)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo ONE Portal, IT and Security Manager, Service Desk, Unknown File Hunter and Comodo Client Security on Saturday (12/03/2016) morning. Platform will be on maintenance mode for 3 hours early Saturday. We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

In addition to user interface and experience improvements, you can see the list of new features, improvements and bug fixes below.

Comodo One Portal New Features

  • Admins can now manage Roles and Rights of users from a central point. Three core roles are implemented in C1 Portal and integrated with SD and ITSM
    • Account Admin
    • Admin
    • Technician
  • Admin can use the preconfigured roles or clone an existing role and adjust the following access permissions of the roles
    • Dashboard
    • Licensed Applications
    • Notifications
    • Reports
    • Customer
    • Staff
    • Store
    • Tools
    • Management
    • Release Notes
    • Help
    • Reseller Portal
  • Role management of ITSM and SD will be triggered from C1 portal for role assignment, but role permission management of ITSM and SD will be handled inside the modules itself.
  • New Help Widget has been added to C1 Portal overview.
  • “Business Type” comparison has been added as a link in Setup Account Details. It will provide the list of features/modules provided in MSP and Enterprise accounts.
  • Text for Quick Start URL for MSP in Quick Start Guide has been changed to improve user experience.
  • Subdomain uniqueness control has been included in C1 Portal account creation process. When user sets up account details, subdomain name is checked against existing ones automatically.
  • Time zone management integration among modules is improved
Bug Fixes:
  • Captcha errors during C1 Portal login have been fixed.
  • The problem related to account types when previous CAM user is logged into the portal as enterprise has been fixed.

IT Security Manager New Features

Bulk Installation Packages

  • Admins can download the Auto Discovery and Deployment (ADDT) tool from “Bulk Installation Package” page and remotely deploy any application (including Comodo Client) to computers which are discovered via Active Directory, Workgroup, IP address, IP range or host name.
  • Admins now can download offline deployment package for macOS devices. If macOS option is selected as the operation system, enrollment link will be displayed on the page also .
Roles and Role Permissions
  • Several enhancements have been made to align roles in ITSM with roles on C1 portal.
    • New role called "Account Admin" is created on ITSM portal > Role Management page.
      • "Account Admin" role has all "Role Permissions" that is available on ITSM portal.
      • "Account Admin" role permissions are non-editable.
      • Admins cannot assign/change “Account Admin” role from ITSM portal.
    • New role called "Technician" is created on ITSM portal > Role Management page.
      • "Technician" role has the same "Role Permissions" of "Administrators" on ITSM portal > Role Management page.
      • "Technician" role permissions are editable.
      • When a new user with the role of "Staff" is created on C1 portal side, this user is also added to the users of "Technician" role and can be seen on "Assign Users" page on the ITSM side.
    • Several changes made on "Administrators" role.
      • "Administrators" role permissions are editable from now on.
      • "Administrators" role permissions can be changed by administrator or account admins.
    • New button called "Reset to C1 Default" is added to the ITSM > Role Management > Users page.
      • "Reset to C1 Default" button action is applied only to C1 users.
      • When admins click on "Reset to C1 Default" button, current C1 portal role of the user/s will be assigned to the user/s for the ITSM portal.
  • System behavior is changed for “Default” profiles.
    • When a profile is set to default it will be applied to new devices during enrollment process.
    • When a profile is set as default, this profile will be applied to enrolled devices.
    • When a default profile is set to not default it will be unassigned from enrolled devices.
  • Admins now have the ability to select from reboot options under [Windows profile] > "Updates" tab page section. They have the possibility to force the reboot for a given period of time, suppressing the reboot or letting users postpone the reboot and warning about it by sending custom reboot message.
  • Default update schedule is changed to everyday 7 AM instead of Friday 6 AM under [Windows profile] > "Updates" tab page section for Comodo Client-Security updates.
  • “Skip updates if the device is offline” option is added under [Windows profile] > "Updates" tab page section for Comodo Client-Security updates so that admins can choose when to update the security clients.
    • If enabled, update will be applied to device on next scheduled time
    • If disabled, update will be applied to device on upcoming communication with device
  • Execution Logs tab page is added to Configuration Templates > Procedures > [procedure view] page. The columns used are as follows:
    • Device Name (Linked to [device view]-Procedure Logs )
    • Started At
    • Started By (If launch type is “Run Over”, [user name] will be shown. If launch type is “Scheduled”, [profile name] will be shown.)
    • Launch Type (Run Over, Scheduled)
    • Executed By (System, Logged in user)
    • Finished At
    • Status
    • Last Status Update
    • Details (detailed log for separate execution)
ITSM Notifications
  • Several enhancements are made on system portal notifications that are created by triggered alerts.
    • If created notification is related to a monitoring alert, clicking on the alert will take you to [Device Details] > “Monitoring Logs” tab page.
    • If created notification is related to a procedure alert, clicking on the alert will take you to [Device Details] > “Procedures Logs” tab page.
ITSM License Upgrade
  • Admins now can upgrade to “Premium” or “Platinum” licenses by clicking “License Options” button over ITSM. Admins can see the contents of the license types and decide on which license to buy. If admins wish to purchase a license, the process will be directed to the C1 portal in order to complete the process.
  • Base license will be extended automatically 2 weeks before the license expiration date, if portal is still active.
  • New columns are added to Devices > Device List > [device view] > Procedure Logs tab page. The columns used and their order are as follows.
    • Procedure Name
    • Started At
    • Started By (If launch type is “Run Over”, [user name] will be shown. If launch type is “Scheduled”, [profile name] will be shown.)
    • Launch Type (Run Over, Scheduled)
    • Executed By (System, Logged in user)
    • Finished At
    • Status
    • Last Status Update
    • Details (detailed log for separate execution)
  • Renaming improvements are made on client components for Mac.
    • For macOS, “Comodo One Client Communication” is renamed to ”Comodo Client - Communication”.
    • For macOS, “Comodo One Client Security” is renamed to ”Comodo Client - Security”.
    • All notes and text at portal are renamed according to these changes.
  • Several text and titles are renamed on ITSM portal.
    • “COMODO Sandbox” to “COMODO Containment”
    • “Sandbox” to “Containment”
    • “sandboxed[application or process]” to “contained[application or process]”
    • “virtualized [application or process]” to “contained [application or process]”
    • “Run [application]isolated” to “Run [application]contained (as a command)”
    • “Auto-Sandbox” to “Auto-Containment”
    • “Viruscope” to “VirusScope”
    • “Defense+” to “Advanced Protection”
Bug Fixes
  • "Last Known Location" tab inside device view display only text information about last position for mobile device without map. Problem is fixed.

Service Desk
New Features

  • “Roles” menu is implemented in admin panel replacing existing “Groups” menu. Three main roles (Account Admin, Admin and Technician) are created in accordance with C1 portal.
  • A new role permission “Can View Admin Panel” is implemented to prevent non-administrator (i.e: technician) users from reaching Admin panel.
  • Admins can add several staff members to a ticket
  • Admins can enable/disable stopwatch on the ticket for assigned user
  • Admins can enable/disable manual time entries by a staff for another staff memeber
  • Rounding billable time individually for each ticket or after sum of all tickets is provided
  • Time entry information on ticket detail is improved
  • Admins can create timesheet templates and add default tasks like “R&D” “Maintenance” etc.
  • Users can create a ticket for past work done. These tickets will be created as closed.
  • “My Hours” widget is provided in dashboards for depicting total worked hours and billable hours
  • “Contact Management” features are implemented. Admins can create bulk hour pricing contracts with customers. Contract management consists of several aspects
    • Contract Name
    • Company
    • Contract Details
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Contract Unit
    • Contract Limit
    • Billing Period (Cycle)
      • Weekly
      • Biweekly
      • Monthly
      • Annual
    • Monthly fee
    • Choose what to do with unused hours
      • Remove unused hours
      • Carry forward to unused hours to the next period
  • Cost reports will be calculated based configuration of the contract and time spent on tickets
  • Admin can delete an unmanaged (created within SD) company
  • Advanced Ticket Search function is improved to include “Generated By” and “Source” fields
  • Admins can now approve/reject expenses that are submitted by staff.
  • Project section is improved for better usability.
  • “Organization” field is added to ticket list and ticket detail pages
  • When printing a ticket “worktime” and “billable time” Is included in the output.

Unknown File Hunter (UFH)
New Features

  • Scan “This Computer” option that enables user to run a scan on his local device without entering credentials is implemented.
    • Users can choose to scan only specific system drives and folders with “Custom Scan” option
  • A splash screen is implemented to inform customer about the progress in case installation takes too long
  • Reporting section is improved to enable scan within a report and save scan reports as PDF.
  • Scan performance is improved to decrease total scan duration.
  • All UFH screens are redesigned for a more modern and user friendly look
  • Scan wizards and menu labels improved for better usability
  • Scanned devices on the results page can be sorted according to the IP address now.
Bug Fixes
  • Retry mechanism is implemented to improve the effectiveness of the tool through decreasing 'Failed to Analyze' and 'No Verdict' status on the scan result

Brilliant progress guys! Keep it coming.

Glad to see it!

Thanks for all the hard work! It’s great that we get improvements each month. I’m just starting down the MSP route and see great potential with Comodo!

Thank you for the great updates.

New Features”

  • Admins can now manage Roles and Rights of users from a central point. Three core roles are implemented in C1 Portal and integrated with SD and ITSM
    • Account Admin
    • Admin
    • Technician
Would also encourage 2 other accounts at this level since they apply as well. One, the company admins themselves so that they have access to admin level items at the company that they are assigned to ONLY and Two, Company Users since they would want to see their own tickets, devices etc.

Thank you

Network Assessment Tool and Unknown File Hunter are two great tools that will help you with lead generation. Very important when starting as an MSP.

@azon2111 Thank you for the great feedback. Company admin and user self service portal for devices are the next steps on this area. We will get it done.

For tickets, they can already check and interact with their own tickets from service desk self service portal. Please check the details:

Did everyone have a smooth transition?? The portal is wanting me to set up some stuff. When I log in, it wants me to set up a portal, but the only license choose I have says it is already used, and errors out.

Projects, Timesheets, Quotes, Billing/Invoices and Contracts are associated with Customers, usually generated by CRM which is the central interface with the Customer and consumed/serviced/referenced by the other modules including Service Desk. We see CRM as the centrepoint where we get all the data for the customer including data brought from other modules to form the 360 view of all interactions with the Customer.

Hello @ymi

Thank you for the feedback. We will forward it to the Team.

Need time (non-billable and billable time) added to ticket view for customers/users ASAP. My clients want to see the breakdown of time charged on a ticket by ticket basis.

Thank You.

Definitely need everyone here championing this integration issue. CRM is completely disconnected from SD and that is where all the work and time is logged for techs. Really need this sooner than later else what’s the point in the CRM if it only good for tracking the first steps with customers?!

This has been talked about a bunch and we really need to get some integration here.


I think CRM-module should be completely excluded from C1 infrastructure. But SD module (as main C1 component) must be seriously upgraded.

Hi @azon2111

We will put this on roadmap but in the meantime, you can always create time reports to represent this information for your customer per ticket on defined time period.


Agreed, you would see much tighter integration on 2017.

Yes, we include this but it doesn’t say the exact times, just the amount of time. Allowing to see ticket details such as time gives better transparency as to when the ticket occurred and so forth such that you see what techs did the work.

I see, please try ticket report. It has those details you are looking for. You can export, remove the fields that you don’t want to present and customize.