Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform June Release (06/17/2017)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new release over Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform on Saturday (06/17/2017) morning. Platform will be on maintenance mode for 3 hours early Saturday. We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

While there will be bug fixes and usability improvements all over the platform, IT and Security Manager gets the most of the updates on this release.

  • New Comodo Remote Control option is officially released now! It is based on a totally new technology (Chromoting and WebRTC) which we have leveraged for faster, better, more reliable remote connection with even less bandwidth consumption. It also enables new opportunities for us to build beautiful extension on top in the future.
  • You can enjoy new secured login, device list view and many other functions on our new native desktop application. You can launch the application and establish remote connection directly from your desktop without need to open the web browser.
  • New Comodo Remote Control (admin application) supports both Windows and macOS X devices. You can start a remote session from you macOS X device to a windows endpoint with the new application.
  • We have improved the visual design of ITSM table views with a modern and better look.
Best regards, Ilker

Woohoo, thanks for the Father’s Day gift!

cant wait to try the new features of Remote Control!!

Yes this new platform is based on some amazing new technologies that will allow us to create the fastest remote control in the world!
It will help even with “switching network”, when you switch your wifi connection lets say, it won’t drop connection etc…

Get ready for the world’s best Remote Access/Control platform…for FREE!!!

Thanks for the update. Any idea when file transfer will be added to the new remote control software?

Hi @jeff.copeland
Based on the developers roadmap, the plan is to roll out the file transfer capability by Q3 2017.

Was this the update that was going to show the device public IP address in the Networks tab for a device? (really handy for troubleshooting a variety of ‘cloud’ issues) My ticket from Dylan said Q2 2017 but I don’t see it in there (not a high priority item by any means, but nice to have).

Hi @indieserve,

We have received an update that this feature for the displaying the device public IP address was rescheduled for Q3 of 2017. We will resend an email regarding the update and the link to this post.

Thank you,

Been testing out the new Remote Control this morning, finding about 95% of the clients i try and connect to dont work. Either Peer Disconnected error appears or just flashes through. The old remote control is fine though.

Need any logs? Are there any new services which need to be whitelisted in AV or firewall?


Hi @Joners ,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced. Please import the attached procedure and run it on your affected endpoints.
Please keep in mind that you’ll need to click ‘Ready for Review’ and ‘Approve’ to be able to run it.
Thank you.

20170504-Fix-comodo-remote-control-connection (1).json (1.51 KB)

On all my clients i have an network error. The itsm service can not connect to the Server.
The itsm console shows a sql error. Sql Service is hanging on aws…

Hello @hm
We apologize for the service disruption. There is an issue found on the server side and the devs are currently working on it as of this posting.

I can see that both CCC and CCS have been updated on the client side, but what has actually changed in those products?

The devs have resolved the unforeseen issue in ITSM. As of this posting, ITSM is now accessible by everyone.

Ok, nice, the itsm is working :slight_smile:

Checked my clients status: All clients are working
thanks c1

Hello @hm
Good to hear that. Please do not hesitate to reach us through if you have any other inquiry or concern.

Anyone having issues with no network connectivity on Win 10 x64 after the clients updated to the latest CCS? I’m receiving an error on the endpoint in CCS “The network firewall is not functioning properly”.

Support tell me nobody else has reported the issue, but I have it on two PCs so far.

Hi @nct
This is the first time we’ve heard of this specific issue. Did this ‘no network connectivity’ issue occur on all of the Win10 endpoints under your C1 account?

We just saw the ticket that was created for this specific issue. Please do send us any further updates through that ticket.

Correct, @Rick_C , I do have a ticket, but wanted to see if other MSPs are experiencing issues, too.