Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform March Release (03/25/2017)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo ONE on Saturday (03/25/2017) morning. Platform will be on maintenance mode for 2 hours early Saturday. We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

Comodo One Portal

New Features

  • Comodo Dome Antispam, previously known as KoruMail, is now fully integrated for Enterprise accounts! Comodo Dome Antispam is an enterprise antispam and threat prevention appliance that uses a sophisticated array of spam filters, anti-virus scanners and content analysis engines to prevent unsolicited mail from ever entering your network. Dome Antispam can be enabled from Comodo One Portal and integrated with your portal easily.
  • “Licensed Applications” menu structure has been extended with key ITSM functionalities for rapid and easy access. With the extension, users will reach key functions of the modules with one click.


  • Browser based 2-Factor Authentication disable option has been included. By enabling this feature, users don’t need to type 2-Factor Authentication code again on further logins from the same computer and same browser. Easy, convenient , and secure login.
  • Comodo ONE mobile application links for IOS and Android are available on login page to remind you the options of access even when you are mobile. With Comodo ONE mobile, you can check the business state and respond to your customer requests or alerts from any of your smartphone or tablets.
  • Default name and description has been provided during role clone operation for you to easily customize new roles based on original.
  • Scheduled Reports page interactions improved. With this improvement, activate / deactivate options shall be available based on selected report state for better representation of possible actions.
  • Partner Portal integration and partnership discount terms are improved. Now, discounts would be available on a granular level, based on your account status. As a valued partner, you can choose and adjust your discount level with your commitments.
  • Improved integration with cDome Shield to enable existing customers to connect their account with Comodo ONE and use their cDome Shield modules inside Comodo ONE as a license module.
  • Available backup region options have been updated for Acronis Cloud Backup for better representation of regions in Europe/ USA.

IT and Security Manager

New Features

  • ITSM now supports Windows third-party application patches! Keeping third-party applications up to date is very important for good security posture as well as for the end user’s productivity. Admins can deploy patches on demand or automate them to be deployed on schedule. ITSM would handle the rest but you can still take the credit for sound and secure applications :)
    • Admins can view patch status of the third-party applications that are installed on their managed devices over “Third-Party Applications” tab under Applications > Patch Management menu. With the aid of this menu, admins can reach detailed information related to the third-party applications and patch distribution over their environment.
    • This tab includes below aspects of all supported third-party software
      • Name
      • Vendor
      • Category: Software category of the given application (Utilities, Entertainment, Documents etc.)
      • Installed Devices: Devices that have any version of the given application
      • Upgradable Devices: Devices that have an older version of the given application
    • Admins can now select an application from the Patch Management view and patch all devices to latest version of the application by clicking on “Install Patches” button. With this feature, admins can patch all devices to latest version on demand without losing any time and can update all targeted devices faster.
    • Admins can choose patching an application to a specific version by click on number of upgradable device next to the application name on Applications>Patch Management>Third Party Applications tab and selecting a specific device and a specific version of the application. Therefore, Admins can have a superior control over the patch management of the third-party applications over each specific device. Although admin can perform batch updates for all devices, can also control specific device as well.
  • Admins can also check and monitor patch status of a third-party applications on a specific device under Patch Management section under device details view. With this view, admin would have superior visibility and on-demand patching control for that device.
    • New implemented Third-Party Applications tab provides below data for the supported applications
      • Name
      • Vendor
      • Category
      • Installed Version
      • Installation Date
      • Latest Version Available
      • Severity
      • Release Date
    • Admin can choose an application and patch it to the desired version on this tab
  • Admins can know check, monitor and report more accurate data over antivirus DB version, update status and scan statuses that are run locally. Antivirus DB version updates and status, scan type, status and updates that are run by local user or on schedule would be reported under Security Sub-System>Antivirus view menu. With the help of this future, admins are able to get insight about whether all antivirus DB versions are up-to date and insight on the latest scans that are performing regularly or on demand on the endpoints.


  • Client Viewer feature of ITSM is now faster, more powerful and more stable than ever before! You would be able to have quicker remote connection establishment, more responsive view and faster operations for greater efficiency. You don’t need to waste any more time during connection establishment or slow unresponsive operations that you see with other remote connection tools .
  • Malware status under Security Sub-Systems - Anti-virus menu is improved for better and faster resolution as well! Endpoints will be marked as "Infected" on Antivirus screens only if malware not purged or not quarantined. Therefore, Admins would be able to identify and monitor if he needs to act on any incidents with clear visibility.

Service Desk

New Features:

  • Service Desk notification emails are linked together to be sent in batches for cleaner communication with less distractions to you. These notifications are configured to be sent once they reach a specific pre-defined amount or once the counter reaches pre-defined time (whichever comes first). This would also help all of us on SPAM filter due to reduced number of email interactions.

Bug Fixes:

  • "Create KB Entry" button spelling is fixed.
  • Project Start Date property works in all date formats now.
  • Comparison of "From" and "To" fields are fixed for business hours setting, which fixes being able to create tickets from client side.

Comodo Client Security (CCS)

New Features

  • When the Client Access Control password protection setting is enabled on ITSM, CCS agent will remember the password for 15 minutes interval after the successful entry by the user.


New Features

  • Behavior graph of a malicious file is added to kill chain web and PDF reports. The new behavior graph lists consecutive malicious activities and their severity in a timeline to visualize kill chain process better.
  • Precise Detector Analysis section is added to web reports. This section provides new precise detector analysis results to increase analysis visibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Kill Chain PDF generation problem has been resolved.

keeps getting better every month!! Amazing development speed guys!

Very much looking forward to this update!

Really looking forward to test third-party application patches

ITSM now supports Windows third-party application patches!

Is there a list of supported applications?

Hi @jmitservices

We are starting with below list but please feel free to suggest new applications.

  • Thunderbird
  • Acrobat DC
  • Acrobat 2015 Multilingual
  • Adobe Reader XI Multilingual
  • Adobe Reader X
  • SeaMonkey
  • Mozilla Firefox 32 bit
  • Mozilla Firefox 64 bit
  • CCleaner
  • JDK 32 bit
  • JDK 32 bit
  • JDK 64 bit
  • JDK 64 bit
  • FoxIt Reader
  • FileZilla Client(64 bit)
  • FileZilla Client(32 bit)
  • PuTTY
  • Adobe AIR
  • Notepad ++ (32 bit and 64 bit )
  • WinRAR 32 bit
  • WinRAR 64 bit
  • WinZip 32 bit
  • WinZip 64 bit
  • GIMP
  • VLC 32 bit
  • VLC 64 bit
  • Skype
  • Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
  • Adobe Flash Player NPAPI
  • Adobe Flash Player PPAPI
  • WinSCP
  • Pidgin
  • Peazip
  • WinMerge
  • SugarSync
  • foobar2000
  • Audacity
  • K-Lite Codecs Basic
  • K-Lite Codecs Mega
  • K-Lite Codec Standard
  • K-Lite Codec Full Pack
  • GOM Media Player
  • Mozy Home
  • KeePass
  • Google Earth
  • Media Monkey
  • Inkscape
  • FastStone Image Viewer
  • Python
  • Revo Uninstaller
  • Revo Uinstaller Pro
  • XnView
  • Imgburn
  • Glary Utilities Free
  • CDBurnerXP
  • Teracopy
  • RealVNC server(32 and 64 bit)
  • VNC Viewer ( 32 and 64 bit )
  • winamp
  • sumatra pdf 32 bit
  • sumatra pdf 64 bit
  • Super
  • Spybot
  • Auslogics disk defrag
  • Teamviewer
  • JRE 32
  • JRE 64
  • JDK 32
  • JDK 64 bit
  • Frontmotion Firefox CE
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome (64 bit )
  • OpenOffice Full Pack
  • LibreOffice 32
  • LibreOffice 64
  • Cute PDF
  • BleachBit
  • InfraRecorder
  • TightVNC
  • Google Drive
  • Adobe Animate
  • 7 zip 32 bit
  • 7 zip 64 bit
  • Peazip 64 bit
  • AIMP

@Ilker thanks!

Well I havent had anylucl yet with updating anything. Just trying it out on my computer and I have two apps that need updating, WinSCP and LibreOffice. I’ve told it to update these apps several times nut nothing has happened yet.

Hi @jmitservices

What I see as a potential bug is, patch list is not updated after the actual patching. I can see that the application is patched to the latest version under the software inventory but it is still shown with old version under 3rd Party Application Patch tab.

If you are sending on-demand patch, please check the version number increase from software inventory under device to observe the operation success. If you created a procedure and run it over devices, you can check the execution logs under that procedure. It definitely works :slight_smile:

We will check the update rule and potential bug on that tab as well.


Just created an update procedure and I’m getting the following errors:

2017/03/25 12:31:17 PM Procedure operation failed File is not obtained through an encrypted(secure) connection. Download of failed because md5 hash mismatch. Calculated: e962f148a0e71d03f85062f92a5496d8 , Expected: 78FFB2E9E8BA7234D9987867FA52577A
2017/03/25 12:31:17 PM Procedure operation started Download failed since url redirect from , statusCode: 302.
2017/03/25 12:31:16 PM Procedure resolve success Resolving Software Procedure is completed.
2017/03/25 12:31:16 PM Procedure resolve started Resolving Software Procedure is started.

So I guess thats why none of the updates are working.

@jmitservices this looks like failed due to MD5 mismatch after package download (failed on security check). I believe it is already resolved. Could you please check again?

If it is still not patching, please share the details again with our support team over email.

Looks like you fixed the problem with LibreOffice. WinSCP has also updated however its still showing in the 3rd party applications.

WinSCP Martin Prikryl Other 5.9.4 2017/03/24 5.9.4 Moderate 2017/02/14

Re ticket IDS-689-35699

Has the issue relating to rebooting after the February update to CCC been resolved this month?

I am getting a 502 bad gateway error, trying to log into ITSM.

Hi @BOSS , We’d like to confirm if the issue still persists as we are unable to replicate the issue from our end.

Just saw the tab for 3rd party patching before reading the change log, and got excited. Have just updated my patching policy. Will see how it goes. Thanks for the great work, now for Linux support in ITSM and I will be happy.

Just one question, once I enable a patching policy is it best to remove a computer from the stand alone patch management?

Hello @dougaust ,

Thank you for your feedback.

For Linux, this is expected to be completed by the end of Q2 or Q3 releases.

Yes, its best to remove a computer to avoid conflicts in patch.

Thanks @Jay,

I will clean that up now then and not that I have many Linux systems its good to cover all the bases

@Ilker I have been getting the 502 bad gateway for the last 20-30 minutes, are y’all having an issue??

@BOSS may we know what site that you’re getting the 502 bad gateway?