Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform May Release (05/27/2017)

Thanks for all recommendations. Most of the them are in our plan and will be coming down in the pipeline in the following months. Just wait for them! :slight_smile:

  1. We are planning to implement access control options in the following months that will give endpoint user ability to approve/reject the incoming connection. If the endpoint user is not logged in to the device, windows login and password will be required.
  2. That is a good feature, we are noting that down.
  3. It is already in the roadmap for 2017. We plan to release it within the year.
  4. Also in the roadmap for 2017
  5. We have a big initiative for implementing Aufit Log functions all across the C1 portal and modules ITSM,SD etc… Most probably it will be released in 2017Q4/2018Q1
  6. Yes, we have device groups that can be organized and managed very flexibily.
  7. MacOS is supported on admin side. Our admins that personally use MacOS can istall the BETA CRC to their device, but MacOS endpoint support will be released within 2017Q3
  8. We already have Send Ctrl+Alt+Del and Ctrl+Esc actions on CRC and we plan to support sending all key combinations within Q3, Is this the feature you request or could you please elaborate more.
  9. In the roadmap for 2017/2018HQ1 - DNS error, site not work.



We apologize about the site. please try

right demo portal name is DEMO.ONE.COMODO.COM

In the beta you mean? The new non-beta release of remote access still gets blocked by egress firewall, even with TCP 5222/7676 open.


Not just Beta but production version is also running only over these standard ports. Please be sure that the agents are updated and please create a support ticket if you still see an issue. Only TCP 443 and 80 should be enough.


Nope. 80 and 443 are allowed outbound but connection gets stuck on “Establishing Connection”. If I open all ports outbound, it connects.

Thank you @SecuraDM

We will check this out.


Looks good, but my agent updates were applied to systems in the middle of the day.
I don’t know about all of them, but three systems spiked the CPU to 100% for 30-40 minutes.
Another machine was off for a few days, when I turned it on it did the same thing. UNIT.EXE pegging cpu at 100% scanning every single file on the computer.
I have screenshots and can give you logs, but no place to post in the forum as it appears to be broken.
Looks like the early 90’s web pages.

Please do consider an option to ask the user for permission to delay or cancel the task.
Please do consider giving the MSP an option on WHEN to deploy a new agent, or when to do a full system file scan. On boot after several days off is not the best time.
Example: Client opens his laptop before hitting the road, and has to sit for 30-40 minutes before the machine is usable to copy files.

I could only clear it by ctrl-alt-del end task on unit.exe.

Hi @Rickkee

 We apologize about the issue. We were having some issues awhile ago with our forum pages. We will contact you via email so that we get a closer look of of the logs. You can attach them when you reply so that our developers can  analyze the problem and provide an accurate solution to it.

Hi Rickkee,

Sorry to hear the issue. Unit.exe belongs to old RMM plug-in and we didn’t have any update on that one but I see your point. We already enabled scheduling of security client update under profile ( ), we will look for communication agent update as well but it should have less effect from resource point of view in any case.

Also, we are going to retire the old RMM agent soon but if you are not actively using it, I would recommend to remove it from systems whenever you feel comfortable. We can help with scripting as well.



Are there any plans for Linux support (RMM part at least)?

Hi @NickName1
Yes, there are plans to implement RMM on the Linux platform. The developers have tentatively set it to come out by the end of Q3 2017.

So after this update I lost all my “Procedures” that were configured under a profile. The profile was there, but the procedures section that did updates was gone.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will have this matter investigated and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible via Email. Thank you for your patience.