Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform May Release (05/27/2017)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo ONE on Saturday (05/27/2017) morning. Platform will be on maintenance mode for 4 hours early Saturday. We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry later in the day.

Comodo One Portal
New Features

  • Now Comodo ONE Widgets are indicating the initial action if there is no data to be displayed in order to help with on boarding of new customers.
  • Now Comodo One Portal has a new widget! Dome Shield Widget is added to Comodo One Portal home page. With New Dome Shield Widget users will be able to setup their Dome Shield configuration with one click and track their shield traffic overview with following reports.
    • Prevention Summary over attack types
    • Web Access Overview over site types
    • Malicious Site Visit numbers
    • File Download Sites
    • Drive by Download Sites
    • Botnet Servers
  • Users also will be able to upgrade to other Dome products from this newly added widget just with one click.
  • Acronis Cloud Backup post-payment option has automatic payment capability now! With this new function, users do not need to track the billing dates. Only thing they should do is enabling auto payment.
  • Application subscription pages are revised for a better user experience.

IT and Security Manager

New Features

  • Admins can now create custom script monitors according to their special business needs, run them on the managed endpoints and get notified in case any issue is detected by their scripts. With this feature, admins will be able to customize the monitoring capability of ITSM to the largest extent and be catch all the changes/issues on their endpoints. First examples are already provided in the forum:
  • New widgets are available for better tracking the agent versions distributed to endpoints. Admins can now see which version should be installed on their endpoints, which versions are installed on how many of the endpoints and drill down on the widgets to focus on the devices with older versions of agents.
    • Communication Client Version (Windows)
    • Security Client Version (Windows)
    • Security Client Version (macOS)
    • Mobile Agent Version (Android)
  • Newer, faster, even better (and BETA :) ) version of new Comodo Remote Control desktop application is available on our preview environment: with totally new technology behind. The new version is planned to be available for Windows and macOS admin devices with the June release. You can try and provide us feedback on new secured login, device list view and many other functions of our new application. This application will work as standalone (in addition to portal view) and admins will be able to work with more choices to connect devices.
  • Admins can manage file rating also under the Device Detail>File List view. This will allow admins to take action more quickly on the files collected from the specific endpoints. Admin ratings provided in this view will be also reflected to global view under Security Sub-Systems>Application Control view so that admin would not need to take the same action for each device.
  • Comodo Client Viewer is renamed as Comodo Remote Control to give a better first insight on the tool and is working even quicker with the new Comodo Client - Communication agent. You can enjoy establishing more faster sessions with your managed endpoints and solve issues more quickly.
  • Admins can now disable Remote Control function via Settings>Portal Set-Up>Extensions Management menu if they don’t want to leverage remote access functionality on their environment. This will hide the Remote Control buttons on the device list and device detail menus to prevent users from establishing remote session to managed endpoints.
  • The buttons on the device list view is re-ordered to improve usability for admins. Now the most clicked buttons such as Add Device, Remote Control, Run Procedure are displayed as first items to help admins quickly navigate on the menus.
  • AutoIT scripts are also supported in Heuristic Command Line analysis to improve security posture of the managed endpoints against new unknowns.
  • Improved performance and stability over Operating System and Third party patching functionalities.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an interpretation issue that was causing showing the OS patches in random languages. The functionality was already working correctly and ITSM-Patch Management module was installing the patches in the correct language, now the user interface representation is also corrected.

Service Desk

New Features:

  • Admins can now initiate Remote Connect session to devices directly from Service Desk tickets! For the tickets that are created from the ITSM agent, the device name is already listed on ticket list and ticket detail views; now IT admins can just click on new “Remote Connect” button in the ticket detail view and directly start troubleshooting on the endpoint with remote access.
  • Ticket filtering capabilities are extended with new options to be able to handle more specific exception cases. Admins can now add “Device Name” as a filter rule and “Auto Close”, “Auto Change User” as filter actions. For example, admin can now automatically filter tickets coming from devices that have device name starting with “USNY*” and change their user field as “Customer NY1”; or in another case admin can automatically filter tickets that are created via incoming mail from another application, set their priority as low, change the assignee to “Staff1” and auto close them to show them in reports. This will help admins to sort out mails quickly and take action on important ones without wasting any time for searching them. This setting can be found in Service Desk>Admin Panel>Manage>Ticket Filters section.
  • Now admins can set “Ticket Closed Alert” to be informed in case a ticket is auto closed by automatic ticket filters. Admins even might choose to be notified for all closed ticket even if they are done manually by other staff. This setting can be found in Service Desk>Admin Panel>Settings>Alert& Notices section.
  • Admins can now choose multiple tickets on ticket list views and assign them to a staff as bulk operation without getting into ticket detail and assigning them one by one.
  • Service Desk users can now set a calendar and month/week/day view as their default by clicking on “Set as Default” button so that every time they click on the Calendar on the menu, it will be opened with their custom configuration. This will make It easier to for admins to see their daily task plan or weekly schedule of their team.
  • Multiple currency support has been implemented so that admin can choose which default currency to be shown on asset& material fields.
  • Service Desk now have adjustable columns on all ticket list views. Now admins can choose which columns to be shown on each list view among the fields below.
    • Ticket
    • Last Update Date
    • Subject
    • From
    • Priority
    • Device Name
    • Assigned To
    • Due Date
    • Organization
    • Help Topic
    • Source
    • Status
    • Overdue
    • Answered
    • Asset
    • Sub Category
    • Category
Bug Fixes:
  • Problems on the reports has been fixed,
  • Problems on user related ticket screen has been fixed,
  • Problems on ticket listing has been fixed,
  • Problems on billable time cost for the agent filter has been fixed,
  • Problems on displaying email images has been fixed,
  • Problems on close and reply feature has been fixed.

New Features

  • Valkyrie users are aligned with Comodo One users now. Each MSP/Enterprise staff will be able to login to Valkyrie Dashboard ( By this new facility all staff of MSP/Enterprise will be able to see file details of each other and take action on them.
  • Kill Chain Reporting for malware files is automatic from now on! For each file with final malware verdict. Kill chain report will be generated automatically instead of on demand.
Bug Fixes
  • Sign up process now directs users to the dashboard page as expected.
  • On Valkyrie Dashboard, File Analysis Details section “Export Results to PDF” button functionality is fixed and it generates the PDF file as expected now.

Another very exciting release with lots of goodies…keep’em coming guys :wink:

Great work! Looking forward to seeing the release :slight_smile:

AWESOME WORK Ilker and team!

OMG, this is awesome! :smiley:

Thank you for the amazing comments!

And one more thing to add :slight_smile:

We now configured agents to work over only standard ports. Agents will use port 443 and 80 for TCP connections, 53 for UDP connections. So, you don’t need to make any extra firewall configurations in general to run Comodo Clients.


Awesome work cant wait to try the new features and fixes

has anyone noticed the new Remote Access Beta product?
Here is what we are aiming…
World’s fastest Remote access product that. We have used brand new technologies that will create a “Platform” for world’s fastest remote access product that will also act as a platform for many other things in the future…including application streaming…

I use only Mac and was waiting for a built in remote access product that was compatible with Comodo and MAC. I use teamviwer now which works perfectly but not having to pay them and having something just as solid is the ultimate goal. keep up the great work guys!

I would recommend using the new beta Remote access product. Its a whole new platform and code base…please let us know if its fast enough.

IT and Security Manager

  • Newer, faster, even better (and BETA :) ) version of new Comodo Remote Control desktop application is available on our preview environment: with totally new technology behind. The new version is planned to be available for Windows and macOS admin devices with the June release. You can try and provide us feedback on new secured login, device list view and many other functions of our new application. This application will work as standalone (in addition to portal view) and admins will be able to work with more choices to connect devices.

    For the demo/preview site do you need to sign up again? Would like to test the new remote control function. Is this a separate instance to the production site?

  • Hello @Joners ,

    Yes it is a separate instance.
    Please sign up for a test account here :

    Thank you.

    Btw, now is a good time to give us feature requirement feedback on this Beta Remote Access. We are hoping to release it at the end of June as production all being well.

    So far it looks alright, here is a wish list!

    1. Additional security prior to access, ie Password prompt or Windows Authentication, similar to LogMeIn/TeamViewer. 2fa?
    2. WhiteList/Black List of users that can Remote Access.
    3. File Transfer, being able to copy files between Local and Remote workstations.
    4. Tabbed windows, being able to have multiple desktops open at once in a tabbed view.
    5. Logging, being able to report who has connected to what machine at what time, and if possible link this to the ticket.
    6. Groups, unsure if you have this or not, being able to assign computers to groups, and have dynamic groups based on OS. ie Company A has a group for Windows 7/10 clients, a group for servers etc.
    7. Is MacOS supported?
    8. Quick commands for reboot or similar.
    9. Wake On LAN

    If i can think of anything else ill post it up.

    excellent thanks!

    This update removed Submit Ticket via the system tray client. This is how all my clients submitted tickets.

    Thank you for your work!

    About new Comodo remote control - can update a bit this app for one-time support?
    And when working with workstation is it possible to add info tabs? Processes, autoruns, services, installled soft list, etc… With editing them…

    how to login to With my C1 credentials or required new registration?

    And you again forgot about access control options in Client viewer… :

    1. Red frame when remote control session is active
    2. Client-side option for block incoming remote sessions or functionality for get permission from user for remote control.

    most of customers dont want outer control of they PCs without any limitations. And this critical important for boss’s PCs.

    @melih It might also be good to have the option to favorite procedures on a drop down? This would require the ability to favorite those procedures in the ITSM section though.

    Hello @Joners ,

    You can create custom folder for procedures that you like and and you think you will be needing in the future.
    In Procedure Section : While creating procedure, you need to select your custom folder.
    You can also copy a procedure from “Predefined Procedures” by cloning it and selecting your custom folder.
    You can even add sub-folders on your own folder and change it anytime you want.
    This way you will have the ability to put your favorite procedures in a single folder or sub-folders

    For more information please visit links below.

    I hope this information is helpful.