Comodo One MSP Partnership Program


I want to provide an update on our Comodo One MSP Partnership Program. We have migrated registering for our Partnership Program from MSPC Membership for Business | MSPConsortium into our Comodo One MSP Platform as of last week.

You can obtain your Comodo One IT Management Platform by visiting and clicking “Sign Up” on the top right. We provide you with all the management tools you need to run your business for free. This includes RMM, Service Desk, Patch Management, CRM, etc. We feel you should not be charged for management tools considering you do not make money off of them. We want to enable you to grow your business by offering enterprise-class subscription services while solving your clients’ IT challenges more efficiently.

By becoming a partner, you’ll have everything you need to increase revenue and attract new customers while managing IT administration from a single pane of glass. You can take advantage of discounted rates on all of the subscription-based services offered through Comodo ONE MSP including endpoint security, web security, data backup and network monitoring and protection.

When you log into your Comodo One MSP Platform, on the top right, you will see a green button, “Become Partner.” By clicking on this link and completing your registration, you will have access to your own reseller portal where you can start purchasing discounted security solutions to offer to your clients. To check the status of your partnership, you can click on the Management icon in the tool bar –> Select Account –> Select Comodo License Account Details. You will see the tab “Partner” and it will indicate whether it’s pending or if it’s approved, it would state “Yes.” (see attached image)

Once you become a partner, you will have a new partner icon in the main Comodo One Toolbar which will direct you to your Reseller Portal where you can start purchasing your subscription based security solutions. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via email at Thank you!

Comodo One Management Team

Can you provide details (not marketing speak) about the partner program? What are the benefits? What are the costs? What is any different from the current C1 MSP vs the Partner program?

Hello @farhood.basiri ,

There is no difference between Comodo One MSP and the Partnership. You have access to the subscription based security solutions through Comodo One MSP Platform when you sign up. However, becoming a partner just simply means being able to receive discounted rates on the security solutions. The benefits to becoming a partner is being able to get the solutions you need to provide your clients at reduced rates where you can make a profit off the services you offer. Just like a reseller account.

In regards to the discounts you receive, currently we offer 30% discount rate on all of the Comodo security solutions offered through the C1 Platform for our partners. However, in the near future, we will be changing our discount structure. You will need to choose the pricing band with the discounted rate that you would like. The discount rate you will receive will depend on the initial deposit that you put down in your account to get started. It’s kind of like a debit account. The money you put into your account will never expire and is there for you to use. You are just depositing money initially into your account to lock your discount percentage rate. That being said, anyone who enrolled previous to the discount structure change, will be grandfathered into the discounted rate that they already have.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. If you would like to get in touch and discuss further, feel free to reach out via email:
Thank you!

So you want us to deposit $20000 to get 30% from a product we sell for you? I’m starting to second guess I even saw that.
Not happening, and the 5% for $0 deposit means I will be pushing a different product that is not yours, just out of principle.
Your products don’t have any name recognition, so it is a difficult sell anyway.
At least I don’t have to waste effort making a decision.

who said that to you. Please give me the name of the individual.

Are you referring to our Endpoint security or C1 RMM, SD etc which is Free?