Comodo ONE, RMM, Service Desk and Patch Management Overview Webinar Recording

Hi all,

Thank you for attending our webinar about Comodo ONE. You can watch it again whenever you want or need to from below link:

Webinar includes below topics:
Learn how to deploy and optimally use the world’s first and only complimentary single solution for automated IT management that integrates Remote Monitoring Management, Service Desk and Patch Management.

Learn how to:

  1. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
    Use the administrator console, apply device monitoring, create procedures, querying and search, set up policies, and create templates.

  2. Service Desk (SD)
    See the status and details of tickets, differentiate based on company/queue/severity, automatically bill and track accounts, and manage SLAs.

  3. Patch Management
    Access vulnerability information, schedule patch policies based on severity, and create reports on operation execution and systems.

Hi, just new to the forum and the Comodo ONE product, looks interesting, any chance of getting the webinar back?

Hello @poweronservicecentre ,

Here is the recorded webinar:
or you can register for the live webinar:

Thank you, Ethan