Comodo One | Spiceworks Comparison

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I am just looking into Comodo One for our Service Desk, Inventory and Software Rollout / Management needs. Now I am more or less down to two different solutions, either Comodo One or Spiceworks.

Has anybody used both of these systems and can tell me the advantages of both?

We are going to manage about 120 clients locally and a total of about 250 around the world in the following year.

Any input is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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From my experience, Spiceworks is a great tool, for a SINGLE site monitoring LOCAL devices. its very time consuming to setup but is great for the whole networks scan thing.

Comodo IMO if far better for ENDPOINT support LOCAL and REMOTE.

Just my 2p worth :slight_smile:


If you plan to use C1 for remote sites my advice, always have another means (or two) of accessing remote devices. Stability has improved but is still not 100% IMO. I have Spiceworks running also and have not yet transitioned to C1 ServiceDesk. Spiceworks is good for the network scanning/mapping it provides but I’m still evaluating other options.

@Taspharel ,

We thank you for taking interest in Comodo One. There had been several Feature Functionality requests for our Service Desk functionality similar to Spiceworks. We will submit a support ticket for you to have our Product Developers analyze the functionality that you are looking for closely. We will contact you via email for additional details.

Spiceworks, which I use at my day job, excels at local network discovery, inventory, help desk, and asset management. I am very happy with it. I am testing Comodo ONE to use for my side business to manage remote clients. Spiceworks could do it, but it would take a lot of tweaking and extra steps to where it may make it too complex.

@Taspharel , this is Ayhan from product management team on Comodo ONE.
Thank you for reaching out to us.We will be glad to help you with your need.

I’ve got in touch with you through e-mail and excited to see your response.

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Erg… this is a tricky one, mainly because they are different product suites. There are some similarities though.

  • SW has an on premise and a cloud based helpdesk, although they do not have the same feature set and are different products. C1 is cloud based only and has a better (IMHO) feature set but is far less reliable. SW on prem can be setup to use Office 365 for email ticketing without any issues. C1 cannot.
  • SW has network scanning and inventory via SNMP and NMAP. This supports printers and network appliances as well as user accounts providing local AD information. SW can also be setup to write back to AD. C1 has nothing like this. The new SW on prem aka v8 will support agent based scanning for Nix/Windows/MacOS. This includes having a page for all software in your environment and a way to manage software keys.
  • SW has two different monitoring solutions, one built in to the on premise account which not only sets alerts for your servers and disks automatically but also can monitor things like your ISP's and Office 365 accounts. SW also has a network monitoring package, its still early days but has a nice dashboard. Software hasnt been updated in a while, the last 1.5 release was broken and had to be reverted back to 1.4. C1 has nothing like this but... you can set monitors using profiles but it doesnt provide any information in to a dashboard and requires lots of manual work. SW has decent enough templates out of the box.
  • SW has a connectivity dashboard, supposed to monitor services. Its ok. C1 sort of has this via profiles.
  • SW Community pages, great for entry level techs to read through and somewhat engaging for them. C1 has these forums and the Wiki. Far less general IT information in them though.
  • SW has AV monitoring, they arent looking for just Comodo AV suites.
  • C1 has patch management, this is a biggy, if you dont have a 3rd party patching tool this can work. Its ok. I still think its very rough around the edges compared to competition, but its there and its free.
  • C1 has Dome standard, providing DNS content based filtering. SW has nothing like this.
  • C1 has procedures, the ability to write scripts and deploy to remote machines is excellent. However again i find this buggy.
  • C1 has remote control, this again is a biggy, saves having to buy teamviewer or an alternative.
  • Currently we are using SW as our helpdesk (helpdesk only)
Biggest issues for me are these.

C1 is buggy and the responses from support are lack luster. During the previous months release every in the beta program jumped up and down screaming asking that C1 didnt push that months release. They did it anyway, zero response from everyone including the CEO.

SW is slow and doesnt scale. Up to 200 users its ok, if all networks are connected together then inventory is also alright. However support are responsive and has a active community.

If C1 sorts out the stability issues and communication problems then id move to it in a heart beat. Until they stop the BS and get a grip on things its just going to be limited to our test site.

Hello @Joners,

We appreciate this intensive comparison of Spiceworks and Comodo One. We currently have some of these features on our road map (ie. Feature Request: Importing devices such as routers and switches, via SNMP) and we will create Feature Requests for the comments you’ve provided that we can add to the platform.

We will send an email for your reference to be able to track these features, and request for information for some of them.

Thank you.