Comodo One Staff - Info & Reviews

Over the past few years, I have dealt with many C1 Comodo One staff persons for both guidance, support, and information. As I learned the ropes I have found some staff to be better than others. I thought it would be good for C1 clients (Users that are Non-Comodo Personnel) on this forum to share their thoughts on their experiences with the staff. Before posting this I was in search for reviews on any of the staff I have worked with any found none. It was kind of odd so thought we could use this post for both info and feedback.

Below are the departments I have dealt with at Comodo so far …

Comodo One (C1) Departments

  • C1 MSP Support
  • C1 Enterprise Support
  • C1 Marketing
  • C1 Help Desk (for MSP Clients)
  • Other C1 Staff

Below are the staff I have dealt with

Comodo One Staff

  • Timothy A - Partnership Success Manager
  • Joeseph F - MSP Consultant Engineer Team Lead
  • Emily, Damon, Jordan, Jack, Dylan - C1 Phone Support
  • Kannan M, Santhosh K, Emrah S - C1 Email Support
  • Ezekiel A - Product Engineer

Below is my experience with the various departments and personal review …

Comodo One Support for MSP & Enterprise

  • These techs are normally always helpful in resolving my issues. I have called in at all times of the day both evening and nights. It's nice they offer late night support for us working during the day. They are normally in either Romania or the Philippines. I prefer the Romania support as they seem more knowledgeable and their accent is minor, not bad at all. They have a great sense of humor as well.
Comodo One Marketing
  • I have only talked to them a few times but when I did it took a while to get a hold of them. They were friendly once we talked but the time to get a callback or email back was very long.
Comodo One Help Desk for Clients
  • I have not used this service yet but I plan to and will report back. Please post here if you have.
Other Comodo Staff
  • I had some great experiences with Ezekiel A during my start. He was a great teacher and knew his stuff well. He was very flexible and worked with me many days learning the ropes. I am not sure if he is still with Comodo but I wanted to mention him.
  • Timothy A, the Partnership Success Manager seems to be a very attentive and knowledgeable person who I have worked with recently. I will be working with him more and will report back. He just replaced Joe F. who was promoted to MSP Consultant Engineer Team Lead over the Partnership Success Managers.

If any others would like to contribute your information it might help us all to have an open directory of staff at C1 if any of us run into issues or need assistance. I look forward to your posts!

Note: this information may not be accurate as I have only used C1 for a couple years so if anyone that has more accurate info feel free to post any updates. Along with that, there may be some staff that is departed or have been moved to other positions so this information may not be up-to-date always, but its a starting point. I have not listed last names in full as I didn’t know if these staff members were on this forum so though first name last initial was appropriate.

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Hi Mark

Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to provide your feedback. We at Comodo are committed to our MSP Community. If I can ever be of assistance to you as well, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Donna Milito
Director of Sales

Comodo Staff Update - Emily, ID e12011, Philippines.

I dealt with this person recently about a question on Patch Management on Comodo One. I was not sure if it was a feature request or something I was not using right so talked to MSP support. Emily tried her best but honestly, she could not understand me well and my partner. I even mentioned a popular antivirus software that is used worldwide and she seemed to be unaware of it. That was fine as I understand not all brand names cannot be recognized but when I tried to explain the issue the call went from ok to worse. We then discussed the patch management features and she was not very knowledgeable about it so we asked to be transferred to a Romanian agent or be called back by one. She then seemed confrontational and asked why we wanted one. I wanted to be nice and not tell her about her heavy accent or her lack of knowledge so we just asked to be referred to a Romanian agent. I then asked her for her ID number for reference and she didn’t want to give that out either. I then asked politely again and she then finally did. I know there are a lot of Emily’s so having some type of reference to the call is important in case of issues.

Maybe she was having a bad day, but I think its important that we MSP people keep each other in the loop and exchange information not only on Comodo One SAAS but also regarding Comodo One Staff. Without constructive criticism, nothing gets better and we all need to be reminded of customer service is first.

Feel free to use this thread for your own experiences with other Comodo staff as they are watching this thread and sometimes sharing your thoughts does make a difference!

I would just like to tell you Comodo One is excellent. Still new on here, but after using it for 2 days, (asking for a procedure and also receiving it), this is one of the best remote systems I have ever seen. Thank you for making IT Support easier. Will just try to make file sharing possible/easier?

Hello @tlhg ,

We appreciate your sharing of experience with us.

We have a cloud based file sharing feature request which is already part of the roadmap and expected to be delivered by the end of 2018Q2.
Support team will get in touch with you via email shortly for this request.