Comodo or anyone who write scipts can have info of all our devices?

hi all,

It’s disgusting to know that very poor system in use with scripts, let’s say I setup one script on C1 which require to send an email for report or info, by default script wrote with C1 gmail or developer email details, so if I generate report for Hardware inventory, I will receive the report to my email, at the same the sender email will have all our information.

Hello @itguy_comodo

Thank you very much for raising this question. But, we feel very sorry for the disgusting caused to you. We do develop the advanced matters that make the customer experience the ease of access. And your concern means a lot to us.

Let me explain the backend process we developed on it.

Since reporting the result through mail plays a vital role, we started to walk on it. At the initial stage, we did allow the customer to pass “RECIPIENT” mail address & “SENDER” as default.

As the next level improvement, we have requested for a unique secured email id from the development side and to make this available as default like alert settings in our ITSM.

As a temporary solution, we do modify the script so that customer should pass “SENDER”, “RECIPIENT” addresses and “SMTP” server. Kindly, please look at the below script as an example:

Kindly, please tell us the script that needs to be modified. We will make it for you.

Thank you.

Hi @itguy_comodo I’ve not tried this yet, but did it work for you? Does it provide a report per client and PC of hardware and software?

Why does the platform have so few reports.
Hardware reports shoudlnt be ran from scripts since that only shows devices thats currently online and not your complete inventory.

Like I expect @smartcloud probably wants, a properly formatted report showing hardware and software per client.

What is really needed is a report builder inside of the platform so we can build our own custom reports and possibly share them like with procedures/scripts. I would think this would be better time spent by the developers as opposed to creating one-off custom reports.

This would be a killer feature for this platform

A report builder feature would be awesome. I am not opposed to creating my own reports with the correct data being provided. The problem with scripting, as reported everywhere, is that the devices need to be on and agent reporting to get a complete report. This would make the report invalid, especially to my customer, as there is information that is not reported. Looking forward to see what the developers are able to accomplish here with this aspect. The product, in my opinion, is quite effective for what is needed. You listening to your subscribers and implementing these features is a HUGE PLUS! Keep up the good work and let me know when the reporting features are being improved. Again, a Report Builder, would be the best as it allows the subscriber to make reports as they need and not be limited to basic report features. Case in point, I have a need to know what computers are not reporting this month, that were reporting the previous month. This would help determine machines that have become unprotected due to user, malware, etc…

Hello @gforrest,

We appreciate you sharing your ideas with us. We will add this description to the request so that our Product Development team can grasp the full idea of the usage of the tool. We’ll be sending updates to who shared thoughts in making this to fruition.

Rest assured that our team is putting great dedication to make the Reports better and better. Your feedback will push us to become faster.

Thank you for your support.

Another big vote for a Report builder (with the ability to schedule a run and email to the customer). As an MSP, a lot of the value we add to the customer is that they DON’T need to contact us on a regular basis because we work hard in the background to minimize potential issues. They only remember us when the bill comes through.

You know the adage “Everything just works, what do we pay you for? - Something is broken, what do we pay you for?”.

Monthly/quarterly reports and reviews are one way that we remind our customers of the value they obtain from a proper managed service instead of break/fix.

Hi @amcssit ,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and having interest with this feature. We will inform our Developers about your suggestion to include the ability to schedule a run and email to the customer.

I will also send you an email to add you in the loop or if we need more information to help you with this.

@Jordan_C @Anna_C - @amcssit made some great points and I would like to expand a little further. I am going to be blunt and I hope no offense is taken. Itarian is worthless without great reporting. Itarian/Comodo is here to make money by selling their other security products for MSP’s using the RMM to support their customer base. It is difficult to use the products in a large or Enterprise base if we cannot show value for our services. If the services are going to continue to include Comodo products, we must have reporting. I think there are 1 or 2 reports currently available that show very little information and really cannot be used.

Many of our enterprise customers REQUIRE reporting for PCI and HIPAA compliance. If we cannot show patch status, device status and login reports Comodo will never be a player in this enterprise segment. I see a lot of development of new features but never anything about reporting and the engineer and developer Directors and leads must come out of their hole and recognize that is not just a nice to have item, it MUST be implemented if Comodo/Itarian is to be taken seriously in the RMM market.

@Jordan_C I am disappointed that the only thin you took from @amcssit 's post was the ability to schedule and email reports. Read the posts and feedback given in these forums and summarize them properly to your leadership team!

I will admit this tool has come a long way over the years, but reporting has been missed and I really believe that no one is looking at this tremendous oversight.

Hi @dhaysley ,

Thank you very much for your feedback. Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of C1/Itarian for the entire users’ community.

We’ve already summarize all the requests in this forum post and submitted it to our product development team. I’ve already checked the existing support ticket and rest assured all your suggestions from previous and current posts was included.

We’ll keep you posted and have sent you an email for updates. Again we do really apologize and thank you for bearing with us.

I am.

two big initiatives…

1)Third Party Integration

Our guys will get in touch with you so that you can guide us exactly what kinds of reporting you want for us to deliver please.