Comodo proxy

How about create proxy util for Comodo services?

Install it at one of never-shut-down PC (or server) and all agents get updates not from C1 servers, but at this proxy agent.

It will decrease customer’s network load and will seriously decrease Comodo server’s load.

Cache proxy is meaningful for same content delivery to multiple endpoints.

C1 already support that for our security client updates (AV databases and client update files) and also for patch installations (if you already set it up with caching like WSUS deployment)

What else do you think might be useful?

There is another post about something like this, having some software that could be installed on small computer that could be dropped into a network that would allow caching and maybe even store backups, software installs etc and being able to trigger of scans and use as a local device monitor all controlled from C1


Is there any way we could obtain additional information, maybe the original post in case you have it linked?

here is the one I was thinking about


Thank you for the information, we will check if the feature has been requested and add you to the loop.