Comodo remoe control

Hello everyone, I need to have a PC controlled remotely by a user using COMODO REMOTE CONTROL but without the ability to see all the PCs in my network. it’s possible? Thank you

Just create a 2nd company, move the PC in to there and then lock down the user to only see that company?

Hello @Alessandro
What @dittoit suggested is pretty much the route to take to accomplish your goal.

Create a sub-group within the same company. Move the device in that new sub-group. (Refer to this guide: Editing a Device Group)

Create a new custom role and assign it to the ‘USER’. Make sure you make the necessary adjustments to the Access Scope of that custom role.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need further assistance or clarification. Thank you.

For the use of CRC, yes @gpurdy897. The access scope is for the ‘User account’ and is not dependent on the device where CRC is being run on. You will have to focus on the settings of the ‘user account’ assigned to your client’s user base. Whoever will be the ‘admin’ (or ‘user #1’) will need the least amount of changes since he/she will have access to all devices by default.

The method I described in my previous post is NOT meant to prevent ‘network access’ through other means (like Windows Network, shared drives, etc.). You will have to handle this with whatever you have available locally.

Hello @gpurdy897 ,

It may be a better solution if you assign a different ‘profile’ for the ‘admin’s device’ and configure Remote Control connection to ‘Do not allow remote control’ . In this case, no one would be able to start a remote control session to this device (assuming this device is admin’s own device and won’t need to remote control his device).

You can find the detailed instructions and information here.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing and whether this information is helpful.


Product Manager, Remote Control