Comodo Remote Control Feature Requests

There is currently All Devices, Online, Offline displayed when you log in to the COMODO Remote Control
Please Make: Companies, Devices, Online, Offline

In Companies, make the endpoints separated by which groups we have put them in so we don’t have to scroll through a bunch of different companies

Also please make the devices searchable by Username, currently the search only works for PC Name

I think overall the design is much better, if there is an option to customize the Agent installed on a User’s system to display our company’s brand that would also be nice (even if its a paid feature)

I know that it has been said before but implementing a WakeOnLAN feature in the Comodo Remote Control would be great too (machine offline on icon, click icon and say wake)

Why is it that the RMM Remote is more stable then the Comodo Remote Control Remote session? If possible take the RMM session config and make it in Comodo Remote Control, many times I have had to use RMM Module instead because the new remote doesn’t load or the endpoint connection wont establish

When adding new users and machines to ITSM they load in the webpage but on the Comodo Remote Control the new users and machines do not display unless I exit and log back in, even if I click the refresh icon they do not appear

Still waiting on a feature to enable user to grant permission before remoting in, but still have the option to disable and just remote in without permission

Still waiting on a feature to remote in and lock the screen and also black it out so the user cannot see what is happening (for server work or other private issue)

Perhaps make the ITSM agent installed on the user’s computer display any technician who is logged into the Comodo Remote Control displayed down by the submit ticket button somehow? And then the person can do a live chat with the tech?

Still waiting on the ability to remote into Macs, Android, Linux and any other possible systems besides just windows (then we can offer clients more support)

On the mobile app you can work on tickets but we need a way to work on remoting in from the app
So if I only have my phone and a client says hey take a look at this I can download the app, remote into their pc and then do my work without a pc

Make Comodo Remote Control HIPAA compliant and have a policy somewhere that states that it can be used to support the healthcare industry (so we can show our clients)

Show system info like IP address, OS version when hovering over the machine name

Make usernames links to the webpage from the comodo remote app so we can quickly open their information

Maybe integrate remote with ticket creation, so when you remote in it says do u want to create a new ticket, update an existing case or just remote in?

Be able to customize colors inside the Comodo Remote Control, so I can label one customer red so I know they are hard to work with support wise or one customer blue because I know they are easy to work with, also show what other techs besides yourself are logged into Comodo so I can see my employees and who is online and message them?

Allow more then 1 or 2 people to be remoted into a user’s machine so teams can work and collaborate on issues

Allow file transfer directly from tech to user through Comodo Remote

Find out why ITSM Agent keeps having to be uninstalled/reinstalled or repaired or the ITSM Service has to be set to automatic (shouldn’t it be anyways) I have had to do this for about 2 weeks now and it’s really annoying please fix this soon

Maybe make an email user option from the remote that will open whatever client the tech has when clicked on

all these things will help an MSP tech do their job way faster in my opinion

Thank you @jtlogic for these suggestions. Please bear with us as we double-check each line if it has been forwarded already as a feature request/improvement (or not) to our developers.

Hi @jtlogic,

We have all above items in our short term and midde term roadmap, current CRC is just the beginning, you will see each of them released in the following months of 2017 and first half of 2018.

But we need more details on below twi items. Could you please elaborate more, so our team will help you to overcome them: "Find out why ITSM Agent keeps having to be uninstalled/reinstalled or repaired or the ITSM Service has to be set to automatic (shouldn’t it be anyways) I have had to do this for about 2 weeks now and it’s really annoying please fix this soon

Maybe make an email user option from the remote that will open whatever client the tech has when clicked on"


When I install the COMODO Client application on a system that I want to remote control, the client works that same day. Later on maybe a week maybe a day, different amounts of time, a user will call me and say “Hey I need some tech support” and I will try to remote into their system. The COMODO Client - Communication application installed on their system is not working correctly. I have to go into Programs and do a repair on the software to get it to work properly OR I have to make sure the services labelled ITSM are running and set to run Automatically. This is a problem I’ve had with multiple machines and continues to happen. One way I have worked around this problem is by using the RMM Administration Console and installing the old RMM control application on the user’s pc from the ITSM Webpage. Once I do that, I can connect and fix the COMODO Client - Communication program. For some reason the RMM Administration Console Remote session is alot more stable than the new remote control.

Second, what I meant by email user is that, inside the COMODO Remote Control it shows the user names. I wanted a feature to allow me to click on one of those names and whatever default mail application on Windows or the system you are on will open a new email with that user’s email address already typed in and ready to go (pull user email from information saved on the ITSM Webpage for that user’s profile)

Hope that clears things up and thanks Rick and ahmetenes!

And if I can tag onto this for a second, I have my own remote support client so don’t use this one but I finally did open it up a couple of days ago:

Please display workstations by the name we’ve assigned and not by the PC’s name. Having several “User-HP” or other generically named devices just isn’t helpful.

Hi @PromptCare
We have escalated this as a feature request and we will keep you updated of its progress.

I wan’t to add the function if an user has two or more screens, not just show them side by side, I wan’t to be able to select which screen to show. :cool:

This function is already in the new CRC :slight_smile:

Hmm… Cool, didn’t see that yesterday when I remoted a computer with two screens, I just got one wide screen with both screens in one… =)