Comodo Remote Control issues with v6.20 for Mac

I’m running the latest version of Comodo Remote Control for Mac (6.20.13250.18070)

CPU usage
When I open a remote session window, the CPU usage is about 16-18%. This is very high compared with any of the other typical apps I use. The computer’s specs are quite healthy: 3.4 GHz i7, 32 GB memory. Is this how it should be?

App switching
When a remote session window is active, the MacOS dock disappears, and app switching is disabled using Command-Tab or the “Mission Control” key (F3). Additionally, most items in the Apple menu are dimmed. The only way to switch away from the session window is with a mouse click. I have never encountered any other app that disables MacOS navigation like this. It’s very disruptive to normal workflow, and I believe does not adhere to Mac app programming standards. Previous versions of CRC did not act like this. I really hope this is just a programming error, rather than by design.

@Kees ,

We have consulted our Product Developers with your report and we will make sure to provide a response on this matter as soon as possible.