Comodo Remote Control - Linux?

Any chance we can get a Comodo Remote Control client for Linux in the future? Is the macOS client close enough (macOS also being Unix) that a port to Linux wouldn’t be too difficult? Or, even an HTML5 type remote control viewer (think “NoVNC”) that would be awesome.

Hello @indieserve,

Thank you very much for providing us your suggestion for “Feature request: CRC for Linux”. Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of C1 for the entire users’ community. We have submitted your request to our product team where they will review it and determine where it will fit best on the product road-map. You can expect to hear back in less than 10 business days with a time-frame for the planned implementation.

We will also create a support ticket to keep you updated on this request.


I believe it was suppose to be coming in late last year… but I’m guessing bumped to later?

In addition any file transfer capabilities to a linux endpoint would be great.

Has anyone tested CRC with Wine? I may give it a shot.

I’m looking for a remote control solution of a linux box; the remote control client can be used on Windows only at the moment but can remote into Windows and Mac… no Linux. :frowning:

@indiserve … I never thought about giving the remote control client a go under wine… good thinking.

For Linux there are other options. You can use ssh, or even create remote ssh tunnels accessible from a central server. At least, until Comodo adds more management options. I use Linux on server extensively but it’s all ssh/command line. Would like Comodo linux agent support for monitoring and patch management though.

Hello @laflamme79,

The development team has updated the “Feature Request: CRC for Linux” for 2018Q4. Meanwhile, the “Feature Request: New CRC File Transfer” has been updated to 2018Q2. We will momentarily send an email to your Comodo One registered email to keep you updated on implementation.

Thank you for your patience.

There are 2 features for Linux that need to be prioritised.

  1. CCS for Linux Servers
  2. Remote SSH

In theory, when Remote SSH is done, this gives the majority of Linux users the remote control they need, just no desktop, which most Linux admins despise anyway!

@curatix_pl Screenconnect allows for a significant amount of remote connectivity options and was simply looking for a similar option within Comodo Remote Control. Clients may be using desktop as their main machine; another reason why capabilities should be added.

Nicely done TechQuest!!

@TechQuest Do you have any how-to on how you installed it in wine?

Ran very nicely on wine. Just downloaded the latest version and works smoothly

apt-get install wine or yum install wine depending on your platform. It could have other dependencies but just Google “install wine for {$your_linux_distro}” and you should be good. PlayOnLinux also is a wine wrapper that will install a lot of other dependencies though it’s focus is mainly on gaming, for CRC you should be fine with just base Wine. More info at

Just finally got around to installing it in Bionic Beaver (Ubuntu 18) and it’s working fine. All I needed to do was install wine-stable and then install mono-complete (got less errors like gecko missing for html page rendering). Then I just downloaded the Windows Comodo Remote Control, installed it in terminal by wine ./ComodoRemoteControl.exe and once it was running I favourited it on the taskbar/favourites bar. Easy peasy.

I too have been successful in getting CRC to run under wine with previous versions of CRC. However just after the recent update to CRC (v6.23.18102.18100) I get a “Takeover failed. Can not run viewer process.” when ever I try to actually make a connection to a device. Anyone else find a solution to this?

We do not officially support Wine in the Endpoint Manager (EM / formerly ITSM) platform so the best advise we could give to you is to perhaps update it to the latest build. If we could also elicit the opinions of @indieserve @jide.ogunmekan @TechQuest about your concern perhaps?

Working for me on a fresh Lubuntu install. Had to select 32 bit arch and install wine32, also used winecfg to set it to XP for the RControl.exe, it was throwing some missing DLL errors at me prior to that (the DLLs were there but the rcontrol/rviewer process couldn’t seem to find them).