COMODO Remote Control not conecting

Hello it seems that CRC can`t connect to the devices that are online in the portal , at the potal i have same devices that are online but in CRC window there are none online , they do apear all in the offline board, and in the all devices board can someone help thank you!

Unless your an Enterprise customer and dont have access to this.


That is correct the RMM tool would be available for Comodo One MSP users. Thank you for clarifying. Our development team have responded to the issue with the CRC and had addressed the situation @duarte236 . Please try to utilize it and give us your feedback.

Hello and good day the situation here is still the same cant connect thank you!

Hi @duarte236 ,

Our development team are still working on the issue and is in the process of finalizing the fix. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter and we apologize for the inconvenience this has created. We will keep you posted once everything is back to normal.

Ok thanks !

Hello agian looks like the CRC is back and running again thank you!

Hello again now i have another problem i cant see my devices in the portal , when i click on devices pages open but the devices page is blank can someone know whats going on thank you

Hi @duarte236 ,

We are again facing a temporary issue and our development team are working on solving it. We have created a support ticket on your case. We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter and we apologize for the inconvenience this has created.

Hello to all ijust wanted to report that i allready have the devices listed again in the portal , but there are some issues , some of the devices apear in green has being connected but in reality they arent , and one more thing i just tried to enroll two VMS and they dont get enrolled , enrollement requiered , manually enrollement doesn´t work i`m looking forward for your reply thank you

Hi @duarte236 ,

Thank you for reporting this. Our developers are making progress in resolving the current issue. You may be able to access it but you may encounter issues within. It is possible that it is related that is why we are closely monitoring it. Rest assured that you will be informed as soon as we get an update from them if it is already fully operational. Thank you.

Ok thank you!

Hi @duarte236 ,

It is our pleasure. Thank you for choosing Comodo One.

If in any case you need assistance, just reach us again at


~ Emily