Comodo Remote Control shows device offline but it's not

I have the same issue. I unable to connect to any client (62 of them) via CRC.


We’ll send you a support ticket to assist you further. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.

Is there any further update on this issue? I am still suffering with these issues and I do need some reliable RMM software for my clients to support them…

Hello @MBHIT,

We’ll reach you via support ticket for some personal details of your account to have the issue investigated.

Please reply at your convenience. Thank you for your patience.

Much appreciated.

I am having exactly the same issue - having just 4 clients included at the moment (since a few weeks) and two of them are always on and the other two are randomly online or offline… The installation has been done in the exact same way and with the same installation file - dont know why there is a client showing offline in the remote control but it is possible to connect within the itsm
would be also interested in a solution for this
Thanks in advance

Hello @amm ,

Thank you for reporting this case. We will further investigate this issue and will get back to you as soon as possible through email.


I have this issue pretty much all the time.

Do your endpoints use a different ‘antivirus/security’ product other than CCS, @hd1?

If I can’t get to my remote clients to check what AV/Firewall settings they may have is there a script that can be run to uninstall any and all AV, or to add CRC to Windows Firewall?

Hello @integratednetworksol
We suggest visiting the Script Request sub-forum for your inquiry.