Comodo Remote Control will not work with DisplayLink Drivers (Specifically Plugable)

I worked with support today for over an hour trying to figure out why I could not launch the CRC (Comodo Remote Control). My system would just generate application errors in the Event Viewer related to KERNELBASE.dll. Support was unable to resolve the issue and submitted to developers after capturing several log files from my system. I continued to work with it and finally after unplugging the USB 3.1 connector for the Plugable Docking Station the CRC APP and Login Screen popped right up! Once it is open and running I am able to plug the docking station back in and drag the CRC screen back over to one of the DisplayLink powered monitors. Now, while the CRC windows is sitting on a monitor powered by DisplayLink, some things will work, others will not, but if I keep it open and drag it back to the laptop display, the menu items will work. However, even if I default the CRC to open on the laptop screen, it will not launch I unplug the docking station.

So for those of you with laptops and those that might have some other device with DisplayLink, be prepared for buggy problems until Comodo Dev Team gets this fixed!

Hi @sunnylink
Since there is already a support ticket created for your concern, we will simply wait for the developers to respond for a possible workaround if not an outright fix.