Comodo Remote - No devices online


My Comodo Remote was working fine… but suddenly, a connection to a device disconnected and now all devices are shown offline. I have restarted and logged off and on, but the devices are still offline.

I’m on the EU Server.

What’s going on One Comodo? All my machines show up online in the ITSM portal but not in CRC, they show up all offline.

Luckily for me I have one of my machines tied to my Teamviewer otherwise I would be up sh*ts creek today.


@Noiden @smoothrunnings ,


We have confirmed an issue occurring on the Comodo Remote Control’s side and have communicated with our development team to have the issue resolved as quick as possible. We will, however, provide any updates from our backend team as soon as possible

@smoothrunnings @Noiden ,

Our Product Development Team was able to addressed the issue with the New Comodo Remote Control. Please try to log-in and test its functionality. Thank you for your patience

to Smooth Runnings… is your issue fixed? I have the latest version and I can connect to some endpoints, not others, even when they are on the same remote LAN.

Hi @freesys
The CRC concern that @smoothrunnings raised near two months ago was due to a server-side fault. That has been addressed and resolved within a few hours of its occurrence.

For your case, @freesys , the situation you described in your post is a different one. If you have not submitted one yet, we strongly suggest you submit a support ticket to for further assistance.

Ahaa… No problem here anymore! =)

Hello @Noiden,

Its great to know that the issue is already resolved and we appreciate your confirmation.