Comodo remote viewer

Some feature request.

I think end user must know when MSP’s stuff is watching at customer’s facebook messages :slight_smile:
So I think will be right if be implemented some functions. And for us too:

  1. (!!!) Alert message when remote control session starts and red screen frame shows for all time of support session
  2. Change wallpaper to system wallpaper: MSP’s logo and system info (that speed up getting info about PC by stuff): PC name, Customer, Hardware and software info, network info, session time, monitor metrics occurs
  3. CHAT WINDOW - be extremely useful for us.

Also be useful reports with info about remote support sessions.

Note: all know Ammyy admin software - many antivirus software ident it as backdoor or malware. If C1 remains with full unattended and stealth access - it can be added to antiviruses blacklists. I think we dont want this happen.


We have forwarded your feature requests and will return with an e-mail to keep you updated.

And one more - at ITSM agent be right if we place “Block remote control/viewing” check-box.
And for incidents functionality for override it. At ITSM may place field “Contact phone for block override”. Here customer (boss) enter his phone wich will recieve via SMS MSP’s access request with check code. If customer not near PC, but something happens he tell to MSP this code and MSP can override “Block remote control” check-box.


We have forwarded this request as well.

Tell please, is known decision - will you implement this feature request or not. First needed red frame or alerting.

Hello @ Sergey,

End user notification/authorization before takeover is targeted to be implemented by the end of Q1 2017.
The possibility of Implementing SMS notifications is being discussed and we will get back to you when we have an update.

Hi @Sergey,

We have been informed that the “Feature Request: Ask for user’s approval before remote in to an endpoint” has been rescheduled for Q4 of 2017.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.