Comodo Security Agent could not be started

Since the recent AV update, we are now getting customers showing the following error:

COMODO Security Agent could not be started. Woudl you like to run the diagnostics tool to fix this error?

Upon clicking yes, it fails to diagnose or fix the issue and instead creates a report. I have 4 users already with this issue and i am expecting more. Is there a quick and simple solution to this without needing to uninstall and re-install manually?


Hi @curatrix_pl ,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please try a workaround of rebooting the affected devices. Thank you.

reboot hasn’t helped. It is also impacting servers that cannot be rebooted during the working day. Need a better response than ‘reboot it’… i get enough grief from my customers for saying that!

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

We apologize for any inconvenience it caused, We’ve already escalated this issue and rest assured our team are doing their very best just to resolve it as soon as possible, your case was already handled by the proper team that will be able to resolve this case. We will keep you updated through email in any case that there will be some development or resolution and currently they are already doing thorough investigation.

In the meantime, Please try to reinstall ITSM agent if the machine has already been restarted and it did not fixed the issue. Again we do really apologize and thank you for bearing with us.

I also have run into this issue, on many systems. It is hit and miss, reboot will fix one time, then it will do it again on same system on next reboot.

hello, I’m having the same issue with one of my clients. i have restarted and still haveing the same error message. Pls help with a workaround for this. quite urgent

Hi @kraneduper
For this specific scenario with the Comodo Client Security (CCS) update, the fix is to reinstall it. That is, make sure to fully uninstall CCS from the system, and get a new installer (which will be CCS v10 already) from ITSM to put it back.

There seems to be a few people (including myself) . To just say remove then reinstall is not good enough. what if we have 100’s of endoints all needing this fix?

Please produce a script to facilitate the above removal and reinstall.

Hi @dittoit
We created a support ticket in your behalf about your script request. Please do check the email and kindly give us feedback of the results on your side.

Thank you.