Comodo Security MIA

Something seems to have happened to the Comodo Security client on my machine. I attempted uninstalling it but the installer just opens and closes without doing anything.

Hi @MTekhna
Please do try and use the MS FixIt tool for installation/removal issues if you’re having difficulties with it.

Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

Hi @Rick_C I will do that but I’m trying to understand what happened to the Security Client. It was installed but today I went to open it and it was as if it were uninstalled. Cistray.exe can’t be located. Did it attempt an update and fail or what?

Have you checked the installation folder of CCS, @MTekhna ? We can’t say for sure until you can find the CCS files.

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security - Old is the only folder I see.

That extra ’ - old’, @MTekhna, is the culprit. Somehow an update to CCS caused the misnaming of the CCS installation folder. The shortcuts, startup entries etc. will not be able to find the files because of that. Remove the extra ’ - old’ in that folder and you should be able to launch CCS properly.

I used MS Fix to uninstall but when attempting to reinstall receive this error in MSI Install state tab:

Client - Security v. Installation failed (1603 - A fatal error occurred during installation.)

You can use the same MS FixIt tool to help with the installation (choose Installing).

Comodo Security isn’t listed as an option there but should it not install normally after being uninstalled?

Hi @MTekhna
Is CCS already fully removed from the endpoint? You can double-check that with the same MS FixIt tool.

@MTekhna ,

I believe we need to go another route. Before installing CCS after its removal, please perform a reboot then check the ITSM portal if CCS still exists then try to install once more. If there are still remnants of the CCS on the machine then loading it on the machine from the ITSM Portal will not be possible. We will communicate with you via support email for additional troubleshooting.

I have had this issue many times, if you see my posts about all the CSS communication issues. I have to use the uninstall tool I got from comodo, if it does not see the install file, I have to manually find the one with the -old, then proceed. After that it will want to reboot a time or two and then rescan. Sometimes you have to tell it not to scan again, because I have had issues with it wanting to scan many times, and keeps finding what appears to be the same key. Any way, even after you get done scanning and you are confident that the software is uninstalled, reboot again, I had issues with the software not reinstalling, and it seems to install better after that. Good luck!!

@Jimmy It looks like we will have to go another route. Upon reboot it’s saying Comodo Security couldn’t start. Security is still showing in ITSM portal list view but not on the machine’s page. Attempting reinstall it went to queue then failed as before.

@MTekhna ,

The portal still sees hidden entries of CCS on the endpoint. We have responded to the support email we’ve sent earlier.