Comodo System cleanup

Can Comodo system cleanup software be integrated into the MSP platform and tied into the RMM?

Hi @libretech
Are you perhaps referring to the suite of Comodo System Utilities?

Hello @libretech,

Thank you very much for providing us your suggestion for a Feature request: Comodo System cleanup software integration to C1. Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of C1 for the entire users community. We have submitted your request to our product team. They will review it and determine where it will fit best on the product road-map.

We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the roadmap for a delivery. Thank you.

Thanks @Anna_C

Never heard of the System Utilities app until just a few minutes ago - checking it out now.

Wait - this does Data Dedupe too!!! Yes, PLEASE roll this into the RMM. Or at the very least, add it to the Windows application store…

Yes, an integration of CSU would be great and eliminate the need to run multiple “procedures” on endpoints. I recently found O&O Syspectr which has their Disk Defrag and Disk Cleanup modules that do this. I would LOVE to see an integration of Syspectre with ITarian. I am using Syspectre in tandem with ITarian RMM to give my residential customers a great service. ITarian, thank you for your products and continued improvements.


We’ll send you an email for any updates regarding this request.

It would be great to at least have scripts that would do that.