Competitive UTM Appliance config to communicateing Server on LAN to Cloud

I have installed RMM and other services for several clients, but the first one as a server. It runs windows Server 2008 Standard behind a Dell - SonicWall UTM appliance. I do see the server in the device list and even can open a remote access session. However, any traffic sent by the server to the cloud are blocked or dropped. Which protocaols and port are being used to communicate that I have to allow to pass to get the data from the agents?

Hello @beaverPC, In order to be able to communicate with the RMM Servers, the RMM Agents and the RMM Console need to be able to connect to the following host names and IPs:

Should you have other questions, do let us know.

Thanks Harvey. Are there any specific ports on TCP and / or UTP to be used?

Hello @beaverPC

The ports used would be 80, 8080 and 443.