Computer got renamed


We have a windows computer that was renamed, how to proceed so it will reflect on Comodo One Portal?

This is something that happens very often. When we get a new customer, we will install agent on every computer, once we have control, we will create naming standards and then rename all computers that are not in the defined form.

For this case for instance, all computers were named PC01, PC02, PC99. Now they will be named 99XXXYYYYYY (asset ID, Department mnemonic, User/Position).

So in this case, within this week, all devices will be renamed. How is the best way for us to accomplish this? Now we are just create remote desktop for each computer and do it manually.


Hello @MiguelSalles ,

Thank you for your suggestion. It has been escalated to our development team and we will advise further as soon as this option becomes available.

Hi @MiguelSalles @Matthew ,
Good suggestion we would also benefit from this addition.

Hello @Marveltec ,

Thank you for your input.
We will keep you updated on this matter as well.


​Until we get a solution built in the One Comodo or RMM we will use:
On customers without domain controller, on every PC:
WMIC computersystem where caption=‘old name’ rename newname
On customers with a domain controller, open a command prompt and use the netdom tool (available since Windows 2003 with SP1) in the server:

netdom renamecomputer old_name /newname:new_name /userd:domain_admin_login /passwordd:domain_admin_pwd ​

There is still another problem, once we manually rename a computer, the RMM name is not changing. We do not want to deploy agent again, is there a way to change the name in RMM both cloud and desktop?

Hello @MiguelSalles ,

We are aware of this issue and the developers are already working on a fix. We will keep you updated on this matter.

Also I normally identify the PC’s in the RMM console by there description under computer name but description stays blank under console.

Hi @pcconcepts I agree with you that a way add description would be very usefull. I woul also like to assign an alias to a device normally we write the current user name so we know whom we are talking to.

Hello @MiguelSalles

We have forwarded this as a feature request to be able to assign an alias to a device.
thank you for your feedback.

Hello @MiguelSalles , @pcconcepts , @Marveltec ,

Regarding the feature that you have requested (ability edit the description of an endpoint), the feature should be available now in the latest version of the console (6.1.377110.111). To edit the description, right click on a endpoint and choose Edit.
If the console is at an older version, please reinstall it and confirm if it is working.

Regarding the other issue that was reported (after manually renaming a machine, the changes are not reflected in the RMM Console), this has also been fixed in the latest version of the RMM Console.
Please try it now and let us know if it works.
Please make sure that you reboot the machine after renaming it.