Computer Hardware and Software Inventory Report

Please use the script to send CSV report of a computer hardware and software inventory, you can also skip sending mail instead print the report on ITSM console.

Usage Instruction:
if you change the value ‘sendmail=0’ you will get the output on ITSM console OR

if you change the value ‘sendmail=1’ you can send the report to concern mail address you have set on the following parameters,
emailto=[‘’, ‘’]

for more than one email address you would like to send the report then add email address in a list, like emailto=[‘emailaddr1’, ‘emailaddr2’, ‘and so on’]

Script File in JSON format

Script File in Text Format

Sample Output:
if sendmail=0, then the sample output is

if sendmail=1, then the sample output is,

Instruction to open a CSV file,
use ‘|’ symbol as a seperator and the character set should be ‘Unicode (UTF-8)’ and click OK as in the screenshot below.

20170314-ComputerInventory.json (14.5 KB)

code.txt (10.4 KB)