Configure Group Policies for individual PC's


We have a number of sites that are cloud only, so they do not have a Windows server to communicate to. We’d like to be able to use Group Policies on the PC’s as it makes a lot of things easier.

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We have forwarded your query to our Itarian support. One of our Itarian support team member will reach you using your email.

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Could you contact me about this also? This is something that would be super helpful for us.

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Several options:

Many Group Policy settings (apart from most of the Security policies) are registry keys, so you can create reg files and deploy via ITarian script procedures using the regmerge command or via batch files.Microsoft reference spreadsheet (with the relevant reg keys) is here:

To include those policy items that aren’t registry keys, you can use the secedit.exe command ( to export an existing policy from a source machine and then import (overwrite or merge) it on a target machine.

Finally, there is the command line tool “Local Group Policy Object Utility” (LGPO), part of the “Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit”. The current version of the tool can be downloaded here: (The LGPO zip file contains the .exe utility and a PDF usage guide.)

Obviously, all of the above options require RIGOROUS testing before deploying in a production environment.

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Just found this script which uses secedit to change password settings in local group policy: