Configure the Comodo icon warning (e.g: with the sandbox is disabled redcross)


I would like to know (as I did not found it) if it is possible to disable the “red cross” and warning message to user when the sandbox is disabled ?

otherwise I need to remove entire module from the policy (that make computer restart) and I loose also the settings configured with the profile if I do that (especially when I need to disable sandbox because of a blocked program that is business mandatory (and not dangerous).


Hello @rbo ,

We would advise you to keep the Sandbox module installed as it is the most important module for protecting your computer against 0 days threats, including here the viruses from crypto family. Instead you should create a ignore rule for that program so the application will run unrestricted.

We will contact you on email to assist you further on this issue.

As my problem with PDF (see post is solved, I will enable back the sandbox, nevertheless, it shall be still possible from my point of view to control the behavior of the icon, especially when it says to the user that current status is “unsecure” while it is conform to security policy of the company.

Hello @rbo ,

This might not be a good practice since the icon should inform the user when something is not right (it can be a module malfunction, not necessarily a module disabled on purpose). However, the Saturday’s upgrade is including an option to disable all the desktop icons and system tray icons (in the profile applied to the machine > UI Settings section). Please let us know if this is enough for what you are trying to achieve.